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why adopting a senior pet is a great idea. 🐶

why adopting a older pet is a great idea. 🐶

parenting a older pet can be an equally, if not...

can dogs and cats live together?

can dogs and cats live together?

let’s settle this once and for all

is my dog mad at me?

is my dog mad at me?

caution: serious side-eyes and chewed-up shoes ...

why do dogs chase cars?

why do dogs chase cars?

we’re sure you’ve experienced this at one point...

signs that your pet's fur is healthy

is your pet’s fur healthy? here’s how to know

signs that your pet's fur is healthy

how do you properly socialize your puppy?

How do you properly socialize your puppy?

If your pet is well-socialized, s/he is bound t...

every pet parent’s mind: do dogs dream?

what do dogs dream about?

every pet parent’s mind: do dogs dream?

4 signs your pet is pregnant

it’s paw-sitive! 4 signs your pet is pregnant

you’ll slowly begin seeing certain dog pregnanc...

why do street dogs bark so much at night?

why do street dogs bark so much at night?

what exactly are strays barking at? 🤔

ugh! why is my dog smelling bad?

ugh! why is my dog smelling bad?

dog smell every time your furbaby comes close

how to take care of your dog’s mental health

how to take care of your dog’s mental health

your pet’s mental health is as important as the...


why choose pawfectly made?

when you hear ‘pet food’, what comes to mind?

senior dogs care tips

make your senior dog’s life easier with these tips

for everyday of their life that your furbaby ga...


7 easy-peasy tips to puppy proof your home

use these 7 essential tips to puppy proof your ...


8 things you do that your dog hates

there are certain actions they naturally dislike.


pet grooming essentials: how to give your pet a glow-up at home

dog grooming is one of the most important parts...

12 best dog grooming center in bangalore | pawfectly pet facts

12 best Dog Grooming Centers in Bangalore | Pawfectly Pet Facts

everybody deserves a lil’ pampering from time t...

5 dog trainers in bangalore | pawfectly pet facts

5 Dog Trainers in Bangalore

here’s your guide to the best dog trainers in b...

9 dog cafes in bangalore | pawfectly pet facts

9 Dog Cafes in Bangalore | Pawfectly Pet Facts

9 dog cafes in Bangalore.Bangalore's cafe cultu...

top 8 dog rescues in bangalore

8 Dog Rescues in Bangalore | Pawfectly Made

dog rescues in Bangalore: top names in the city...

Why is my dog shaking? Reasons & how to cure

Why is my dog shaking? Reasons & how to cure

Dog Shivering can be because of Toxins, Nausea,...

How to train your dog not to bite

How To Stop Your Puppy From Biting | Pawfect Pet Facts

It’s no fun when your dog thinks of you as a ch...

clean paws, happy pet

clean paws, happy pet

🐾 listen up – ‘cos this stuff’s real impawtant!...

don't muzzle your dog

never muzzle your dog! 🐶

if you have a furry little ankle biter in the h...

keep pets busy to work from office

pet home alone? 6 ways to keep them busy

your lazy, snoozy work-from-home life has proba...

understand dog language

decoding doggie language 101

love knows no language. but it sure knows body ...

for love of dog

don’t nibble on that kibble!

so much of the affection you have for your furb...

top 10 vets in bangalore

Bangalore Pet Hospitals - List of 10 veterinary hospitals in Bangalore

here's your go-to list of bangalore pet hospita...

celebrating she woofs of the world

happy woofmen’s day, ladies!

How many times has the destiny of men, women, n...

How? What? When? Pet Vaccinations and Registrations| Pawfectly Made

pet health & safety guide 101!

Our pets are our world and we like to protect t...

is you floofer's weight in check

your pet’s weight and why it matters!

Most of us are clueless on what our pet’s healt...

cookies for you, treats for your floof: a holiday guide

cookies for you, treats for your floof | Pawfect Pet Facts

the time is here for the air to be filled with ...

time to put a furrstop to this

Hair, hair everywhere!

pets come with a lot of fun and excitement and...

to eat or not to eat

Is my pupper allergic

Just like us humans, pets can also be allergic ...

there are grim reapers on your dog's plate!

Does your dog’s food have silent killers?

according to famed veterinarian Dr. Marty Golds...

i let ma hooman werk

Make your pooch your best co-worker!

while nobody enjoys being cooped up, it’s sure ...

didja say food?

5 doggo approved food

Newspapers, the legs of your tables, or your fo...

Giving one a home?

Essential must-knows before you adopt a dog

Do you hear a tiny voice inside you woofing you...

say pawfect teeeeeeth!

6 easy dental tips for a million-dollar doggie smile!

Doesn’t your heart light up when you see a smi...

lower the lamb ‘cos too much of a good thing…

Is your pet getting too friendly with the lamb?

Mary had a little lamb. But how much did your p...

Food as natural as our love for your pet.

Real natural food for really pawfect pets

The benefits of natural food are known to most ...

you’re cool. but do you chill?

The right way to chill. How to store Pawfectly meals.

There’s nothing like organic fresh food to keep...

they’re cool too! this summer, let them know💛

They’re homeless in the heat. You can make summer easier for strays.

All furbabies are family! There are ones we lov...

Sun’s out, paws out!

Keepin’ it cool! 8 essential pet tips for summer fun

What time is it? Summertime! Roll those windows...

diarrhoea got me down in the dumps

Doggie down with diarrhoea? 4 easy recipe remedies.

No one likes it when the tummy feels crummy an...

it’s a pawfect kind of love!

7 ways to say ‘I love you’ to your pooch!

Let’s be honest: Is there anything… ANYTHING in...

Easy-To-Follow Health Habits For Your Pet

Easy-To-Follow Health Habits For Your Pet

We know pet parents are ready to go miles for t...

cat got your tongue?

Your cat’s trying to talk. Are you listening?

Can your cat talk? That was a trick question! A...

how is our food so pawfectly made?

how is our food so pawfectly made?

Have you ever wondered what makes a Pawfectly M...

this time, the puppy eyes are real

5 reasons you should never yell at your dog

Let’s be honest. Everyone loves a pet that’s a ...

Did you know how good they are?

Eggshells for egg-stra health!

Not only are they good, but they are actually G...

now that was an awesome poop!

Inside the roughage luggage: Why your dog needs fibre in meals!

Did you know that 70% of a canine's immune syst...

We put our noses on our case!

Oh crap! Get your pet to poop that goop.

Today, we’re here with the scoop on your pet’s ...

sow the seeds of good health today

Seeds to meet your pet’s needs!

Ever had the seed of doubt in mind that your fu...

they deserve a healthier diet!

Pawfect reasons to switch to FRESH and HOMEMADE pet food today!

Pawfect reasons to switch to FRESH and HOMEMADE...

Pawfect Pet Facts: Explore a World of Amazing Animal Trivia and Insights

pawfect pet facts
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