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Is my pupper allergic

October 31, 2021

Just like us humans, pets can also be allergic to some things, and these allergies differ from pet to pet. it’s their body’s way of reacting to things that don’t suit them. around 10% of allergies in dogs are because of food consumption. The rest are usually from floor cleaners, pollen, dust, or other factors. You should also know that allergies in pets can develop at any stage of their life.

here are a few signs to look out for to understand if your pet is having an allergic reaction:

skin breakouts
urticaria, more commonly known as hives, is an allergic reaction. it usually appears after 6 to 24 hours of consuming any ingredient that they are allergic to. this is one of the most common allergic reactions. while it is not fatal, excessive scratching and biting can cause the skin to break, leading to infections. apart from that, constant scratching can lead to loss of fur. consult your vet immediately if the scratching intensifies.

another sign of allergic reaction is your pet’s eyelids, ear flaps, lips, or entire face swelling up. If you see this happen, make sure to consult your vet immediately to get an anti-allergin

stomach troubles
consuming food that your furball may be allergic OR even sensitive to can lead to gastrointestinal problems like vomiting, diarrhea, or gas. in case your pet has any of these issues recurringly, contact your vet to understand what they may be allergic to.

some other signs of allergy responses in your pet can be sneezing, eye discharge, red eyes, and ear infections. lookout for these signs of allergy to make sure your pet is treated right away.

how can you detect food allergens in your pets? the same way it is with humans, the trial and elimination method. give your pet their usual food and monitor if they develop an allergic reaction. you can then change their diet and see if it makes any difference. it is a long process and makes sure to keep your vet looped in so they can make suggestions and help with the entire process.

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