Sun’s out, paws out!

Keepin’ it cool! 8 essential pet tips for summer fun

May 9, 2021

What time is it? Summertime! Roll those windows up, bring your sunnies out and get your swag on because we’re about to chill. Lazy days lie ahead in the summer and that only means one thing: cooling off with your furry companion.

There’s gonna be play and fun. But the sweltering heat can also get too much. And as much as you do, your pet feels hot too. Given their hairy coat and thick skin, maintaining your pet’s body temperature is important.

Look out for your dog/cat’s needs to cool down the sunny days, kick those paws up, and enjoy.

Here are 8 ways to keep it breezy and chill for your pet this summer:

  1. Ice treats for cool cuties. Prepare simple snacks like ice chips or lightly-flavoured lollies to keep your pet fresh through that midday heat.
  2. Pool party! Get that inflatable pool out ‘cos it’s time to splash around under the summer sun. Even without a pool, you can just play around with some water.
  3. Snippity snip that fur. Groom pet fur and give them a little haircut here, a brush there to keep things light. Don’t, however, shave all the hair off.
  4. Drop the shades down. Try to keep your home as cool as possible, drawing the curtains and dropping the shades down during the day to keep heat at bay.
  5. Protect those paws. Protect paw pads from sunburns by getting those cute booties or cooling mats and spraying water to keep the floor cool.
  6. Walk without the sun. Miss the sun but not the fun. Enjoy walks with your pet early morning or late evening when the heat is lowest.
  7. Freeze those toys. Ice and playtime rolled into one? What fun! Your pet will thank you when they take their ice cold toys between their teeth.
  8. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It’s a good idea to keep several water bowls around the house so your pet never ever goes thirsty.
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Summer, here we come.

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keepin’ it cool! 8 essential pet tips for summer fun