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clean paws, happy pet

clean paws, happy pet

October 14, 2022

🐾 listen up – ‘cos this stuff’s real impawtant! 🐾

your darling doggo’s paws are the body part most prone to collecting dirt & diseases, given that they are constantly in use. caring under there – for the paws, pads, nails, and toes – is therefore essential to keep your furball happy, healthy & forever on the move! 

here are 6 tips to keep your dog’s paws clean & soft:  

  1. wipe the paws after every walk.

splashing around in puddles or daily walks may be fun for your pooch. equally important is cleaning their paws soon as you get home! wipe their paws thoroughly with a wet washcloth or give them a good cleaning with vet-approved doggie products. 

  1. protect from cuts and cracks.

paws can develop cuts, bruises, or harden with constant wear & tear. gently clean small cuts & lightly cover them with some gauze; for deeper/bleeding cuts, head to the vet. keep those paws moisturized with Epsom salt soaks or lightly massage with some coconut oil & balms.

  1. invest in some booties.

one of the best ways to preserve your furry’s paws is to keep them covered with cute lil’ pet booties/shoes when outdoors. (and don’t they just look so paw-dorable too? 🐾) 

  1. watch out for hyperkeratosis. 

doggie paws may develop conditions like hyperkeratosis, which is an overgrowth of keratin resulting in crusty/hardened paws that resemble calluses. soak the paws in some warm water & Epsom salts. consult a vet for antifungal medications or detect any underlying issues.    

  1. clip the nails and clean the toes.

your dog’s nails, toes & in-betweens can accumulate loads of grime & even give shelter to fleas or ticks. groom & wash the area regularly, clip those nails, comb out matted hair & trim the hair between the toes.  

  1. season-to-season care. 

save those paws from burning or drying by avoiding very hot pavements in the summer. in winter, keep paws moisturized before & after walks. (and it’s best to keep those walks short!) if you live in colder climates, make sure to clean out the snow from your furry's paws.

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