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everything you need to know about your Pet Pawints

1. What are pet pawints?

We believe giving back only brings you more. Pet pawint is our way of giving back to pet parents who are making their cutie’s and our lives better. Here's how it works, for each rupee you spend with us, you get 7.5% of it back. And as you collect, each 0.075 turns into points, and 1 point = 1 rupee. When you hit a threshold of Rs. 300/- you can either redeem it against your next purchase, or keep collecting more pawints. As simple as that.

2. What do I do to reap the rewards/points?

Easy peasy! Keep subscribing, referring, and spreading the word and helping us get more fur babies to eat healthy to keep collecting these points.

There are 3 ways to get Pet Pawints.
  1. Any purchase on our website - For each rupee you spend, we give you back 7.5% of it. And as you collect, each 0.075 turns into points, and 1 point = 1 rupee. So for every time, you spend we give you back 7.5% by way of points.
  2. Refer us to other pet parents and every time your referral code (you will find this in the dropdown when you click on your profile icon on the top right of the page) gets used, we give you 100 points.
  3. Every time you show us love in public domains - a star review on our google page, a sweet note that we can share on our website, an Instagram or Facebook mention, a pic of your fur baby with a pawfectly made meal pack that we can share, any of this will get you 50 more points for each.

3. How are my rewards/points treated if I request a refund for my order?

We're sorry! If you decide to ask for a refund on any order the points earned for that order get canceled.

4. Where do I see my rewards/points that I have accumulated?

Once you are signed in, just click on the profile icon on the right top of the website and click on My Pet Pawints to see your points.

5. How do I redeem my rewards/points?

This is simple. Your Pet Pawints will appear on the checkout page with a “redeem now” option every time you have more than 300 points and you just need to click and redeem them as a discount on your purchase. As mentioned, 1 point = 1 Rupee

6. Do my points expire?

All good things must come to an end, but not our points unless you abandon us. Your points remain intact until you do not make a purchase for over 6 months with us. In which case, your points expire. But, don't worry, we'll send you reminders, so you don't lose your Pet Pawints.

7. What are the Terms & Conditions?

The pet pawints program structure, benefits, and terms & conditions in this format are valid from 26-11-2020.
  • Shipping charges are not included in the Rewards Program. i.e. Points cannot be earned or redeemed on Shipping charges.
  • Membership to the program is at the sole discretion of Pawfectly Made Inc and we may refuse membership to any applicant without assigning any reasons.
  • The Member solicits and authorizes Pawfectly made to contact them by voice call, SMS, WhatsApp message, and/or email for the purpose of the program.
  • Pet Pawints program at all times remains the property of Pawfectly made, which reserves the right at any time and without giving notice to such member to withdraw the membership and benefits arising from it.
  • Pawfectly Made shall not be liable in the event it fails to fulfill any of its obligations under this agreement due to any natural or manmade disasters or change in law or for any other reasons beyond its control.
  • Pawfectly Made shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from termination or change of the program or any of its facilities, benefits or arrangements which are made available to the members enrolled into the program.
  • The offer is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.
  • Misuse of the Pet Pawints program or the membership benefits may result in termination of the membership or withdrawal of benefits at the sole discretion of Pawfectly made.
  • Customer acknowledges that as this offer is complimentary, no service deficiency claims or compensation claims shall be maintainable against Pawfectly Made.
  • Pawfectly Made reserves the right to terminate the Program, without notice to all program enrolled members.
  • Pawfectly Made is the sole authority for interpretation of these terms and conditions.
  • Pawfectly Made reserves the right to change or withdraw the program, anytime at the sole discretion of the Management. The terms and conditions of this program are subject to change without any prior notice. Disputes are subject to Bangalore jurisdiction.
For any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at : Email :

Pet Pawints

everything you need to know about your pet pawints