they’re cool too! this summer, let them know💛

They’re homeless in the heat. You can make summer easier for strays.

May 15, 2021

All furbabies are family! There are ones we love that live under the same roof as us, our constant companions. And there are also plenty others that greet us on the streets as if they were our own.

As summer descends, and we stock up cooling essentials for pets at home, let’s not forget about the hundreds of homeless dogs that have long days of sweltering heat awaiting them. How about making it a little bearable for them?

We have the privilege, we know the love, and we can make the time. Here are a few things we can do together for the doggos that don’t have a home:

  1. Nothing like a cool bath. Leave water troughs outside your gate for them to dip their feet in under the scorching sun.
  2. Let them rest. The shade of the trees outside your house or around the block make for cool, comfortable napping spaces for strays. Don’t chase them away please!
  3. Some food, lots of drink. If possible, cut a watermelon and leave it out for them to eat. Also put a drinking bowl or two you can keep refilling with fresh water throughout the day.
  4. Turn the heat down. Spray the area outside your gate with water in the evenings to create a cool environment for them to sleep in
  5. Double the effort, double the care. Invite other pet parents in your efforts and take rounds with these small gestures for the strays.

With Pawfectly Social, our mission is to serve, protect and love as many strays as possible. Currently, we look out for 20+ such furry friends, and that number is only ticking upwards!

Come, join us in spreading the joy! This summer, make the strays near you feel special. Buy an affordable pack of light, refreshing Pawfectly Made pet food for them. Easy to serve, wholesome nutrition. Trust us, your stray friends will love you for it.

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