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The right way to chill. How to store Pawfectly meals.

May 23, 2021

There’s nothing like fresh food to keep pets healthy and happy. (Who knows it better than us? 😉) The only thing more important is for that food to be stored correctly.

At Pawfectly Made, we believe in being all-natural, which is why we do not put any preservatives, additives or artificial stuff in our meals. From chicken to veggies, our hand-cooked meals are made only of safe, real ingredients.

It becomes impawtant to keep this food nice and chilled until mealtime so it retains freshness and doesn’t go bad. Here is how to pawfectly store our meals:

  1. Right from the moment our chefs cook your pet’s food and our delivery agents deliver it to your doorstep, we keep the meals fully chilled - which is also how you should at home!
  2. Within 15-20 minutes of delivery, meals should be stored in the refrigerator at or below 4°C or 40°F.
  3. Pawfectly Made packs, from the day of opening, stay fresh for a full week (7 days) if chilled. But if meals are left out in the open, shelf life is halved. It’s summer, so refrigeration is even more crucial.
  4. Store meals on the fridge racks, preferably at the back end. Avoid the fridge door and definitely avoid the freezer.
  5. Labels on each meal pack mention dates of manufacture and expiry. These could vary within the same subscription. We urge you to first serve those packs that will approach expiry sooner.
  6. Half-eaten packs can be stowed away in the fridge again and will last till expiry date.
  7. In case a pack is bloated or puffed, do not serve it to your pet. Notify us instead at woofsandpurrs@pawfectlymade.com.

And there you have it! Just cut, serve, chill, repeat. Fresh pet food has never been more convenient and delish. It’s all that you and your little cutie deserve!

Go on, check out our menu and order a pawfect meal for your pet now!

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