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don't muzzle your dog

never muzzle your dog! 🐶

September 15, 2022

if you have a furry little ankle biter in the house, you may have considered giving them the muzzle on days they got a bit too naughty or aggressive.   

spare the muzzle, spoil the dog – correct? 


here’s why strapping up your pooch’s mouth is a bad idea:   

1. it’s never a long-term solution.

don’t think a muzzle is an answer to your dog’s behavioral problems. if your dog is barking, biting, or getting hostile, there are probably reasons behind it that a professional pet behaviorist or coach would be able to resolve.     


2. it hurts your pet. 

with muzzles, there is always the risk of doing more harm than good for your pet. a tight-fitting muzzle can cause chafing or bruising, and restrict proper breathing, chewing, or panting, which can lead to serious health hazards.  


3. it’s worse than punishment.

we shouldn’t have to spell this one out. muzzling your dog to “teach them a lesson” wouldn’t just be ineffective but also cruel. not to mention, it can end up making your poor pooch more aggrieved than before.


there are so much unconditional love dogs have to give! all we have to do is understand them better – that’s the least they deserve!❤️

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