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diarrhoea got me down in the dumps

Doggie down with diarrhoea? 4 easy recipe remedies.

April 25, 2021

No one likes it when the tummy feels crummy and makes everything upset-ty. Not you, nor your pooch. It’s bad enough that they can’t enjoy their favourite meals on an upset stomach, but worse because there’s just no mood for fun. :(

But it’s okay. Everybody has down days. Diarrhoea is a common affliction in pets that comes with having eaten something inedible or change in diet or digestive trouble or simply just stress.

It’s treatable! All it needs is a vet consultation and quick-fix, easy recipes to soothe your dog’s body and mind. (Rice figures as a constant, being universal comfort food.)

Here are 4 recipes you can make at home for doggie diarrhoea days without spending a bomb:
plain boiled rice + cooked chicken
(both ingredients must be well-cooked and served WITHOUT any added seasoning or flavours.)

boiled rice + plain yogurt + boiled egg
(the yogurt and egg make up for the missing meat protein, but you can throw in some chicken too if you want.)

mashed pumpkin + boiled rice + cooked chicken
(pumpkin puree goes easy on the stomach and ensures smooth digestion; other two are staples.)

unseasoned sweet potato + soft carrots + boiled rice
(potato or sweet potato should be given to dogs very occasionally; boil and mash with soft carrots.)

It’s important to keep your pet hydrated through their down days, owing to the water lost in diarrhoea. Feed them ice chips and ensure their water bowl is never empty. To prevent strain on their digestive system, treats and other snacks are best avoided. (We know, we know how much your doggie enjoys our tasty treats, but it’s only a matter of a few days.)

If the diarrhoea persists longer than usual, consult or visit a vet at the earliest.

There you have it! Your furbaby will be their usual, naughty, fun selves again in no time. For always woofy, always great health, choose Pawfectly Made.

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