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pet grooming essentials: how to give your pet a glow-up at home

January 28, 2023

dog grooming is one of the most important parts of a pet’s daily healthcare routine. after all, we want our floofs looking their dapper best, all day every day! 😍

as pet parents, it’s important that we build a healthy lifestyle for our pets, as well as a healthy relationship with our furries. one of the best, foremost ways to do that begins with grooming. 

it’s not only a great bonding experience between pets and their parents but also ensures a pet’s overall health and functionality. pet-friendly tools and solutions the market offers today have made cat or dog grooming at home super convenient. 

dog grooming isn’t just about making your pet look gorgeous. it’s also an essential step in maintaining routine and order, which your pet loves and needs in their everyday life. just like training or exercise or daily walks, grooming gives your pet – especially dogs – a sense of order and meaning. 

a super useful tip: continue dog grooming at home even when your pet grows old and is aging since it will be a great way to comfort them and give them assurance that you’re always by their side and life is still normal. ❤️

as a grooming whiz Ms. Priya informed in a webinar by pawfectly made, “our pets learn everything. what we teach is what they learn. so grooming has to be a day-to-day routine. a regular thing that we practice. like how we feed them, like how we take them for walks. grooming has to be a day-to-day thing that has to be practiced at home. so, the right tools, the right grooming habits help them to be comfortable throughout their life.” 

here are a few essential cat and dog grooming tips, straight from a professional pet groomer! just follow these easy-peasy tips below, to keep your pet looking & feeling fresh!


  • for that flawless fur

grooming & brushing out your pet (with specialized tools like slicker brushes) is an everyday essential to give your pet silky smooth fur. for pesky tangles, use a detangling spray before brushing; for the peskier knots/mats, visit the groomer’s. DO NOT ever cut out your pet’s fur to get rid of tangles! 


  • dental tips for pawfect smiles

keep your floof’s million-dollar smile dazzling by investing in a quality, pet-friendly toothbrush and paste. brush your cat/dog’s teeth at least 4 times a week. using dental wipes or chews to keep plaque & odor away is also a good idea for dog teeth cleaning. more tips on how to brush a dog’s teeth here!

brushing your cat’s teeth can be especially difficult. “they do not cooperate. it's a very big task for a cat to let you brush their teeth. so if you're a new pet parent, you’ve just got a cat, you have to start really early. as soon as your cat is home and it's been like a couple of days,” Priya suggests.


  • nitty-gritty of nail cutting

nail clipping is a task for most pet pawrents, since it’s a sensitive body part. you must, therefore, be relaxed when cutting dog’s nails so your pet isn’t stressed out more. as priya said, “90 out of hundred pets are nervous when it comes to their nail clipping. however friendly, however happy they are while getting a bath and a massage, nail clipping makes most of them anxious.”

during cat or dog nail clipping sessions, make sure to use a special pet nail trimmer or nail grinder. at the same time, be careful not to cut too far in to avoid hurting your pet! 


  • making bath days happier

the no. 1 question that troubles most parents is: how often should i bathe my dog? going by the old myth that so many of us still believe, dogs are scared of water — but this is not necessarily true! many pooches actually enjoy splashing around in the water, and dog grooming at home can become a fun bonding activity.

schedule wash days twice a month, using a high-quality, conditioning shampoo to clean away the grime & dirt well. follow the bath with a nice blow dry session (don’t leave your pet out to sun-dry!) & brush down the fur well afterward. 


  • a healthy diet

last but not the least, the secret to your pet’s overall health is rooted in a pawfectly balanced diet. hear it from the expert: “a well-balanced diet will contribute a lot to having a healthy and hygienic coat and skin,” Priya says. a healthy diet can also help manage the issue of tear stains in cats and dogs.


and no one does fresh & healthy meals as we do!


with vet-certified recipes customizable for each pet, we ensure that your lovely furball gets all the important nutrients they need for a healthy, happy life. our fresh meals made from the most premium ingredients make for the perfect balanced diet, which takes care of your pet’s overall well-being — be it a stronger immunity, better digestion and bone health, a shinier coat, and most importantly, a satisfied tummy and happy taste buds!  


trust us, your pet’s best health begins at pawfectly made. ❤️ 


PS: for more expert pet grooming solutions from a professional – on how to cut dog nails, dog teeth cleaning, or tips for dog grooming at home

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