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it began with Maggie, AG’s (our founder) gorgeous irish setter.

lady maggie, as she is called, was diagnosed with heart arrhythmia and a joint disorder a few years ago. She had difficulty in getting up, going for walks or running, which led to her being overweight. not good at all. so AG’s had to stop being lazy & looking for the convenience of kibble and get serious about maggie’s health. she also had Neo to take care of, but we’ll come to him later.
as a working pet parent, who took the pet’s to work too, she needed a solution that was quick to make, easy to store and specific to maggie’s fussy taste. this is when she started to read up on pet nutrition and learned about the harmful effects of kibble. she started experimenting with tons of recipes, some of which Maggie liked and some she absolutely refused to touch, but AG managed to cook up a nice bunch, which she alternated every week. she saw a huge improvement in maggie’s health. Maggie got active, thinner and could now climb beds and go on 1km walks!

Neo | Pawfectlymade

Then came Neo!

aka chipku (means sticky in hindi), since he can’t leave AG’s side even for a second (bathroom included). But her baby indie boy came with every skin problem a “firang” would have in our environment. at first, she thought it was mites (he is adopted and was on the street for a while), then she thought it was skin rashes and then it finally turned out that he had atopic dermatitis, which needs a lot of daily skincare and very specific dietary control.
so she had to now formulate another set of recipes for neo, who is fussier than maggie, and she went back back to experimenting with a few more recipes, specific to neo’s strict diet and came up with a few he loved. his dermatitis is now under control and he’s as happy and healthy as can be.
And that was that. both her babies were eating awesome food, loving mealtimes and getting healthier.

Maggie & Neo | Pawfectlymade

now, to why she began pawfectly made

the covid-19 lockdown gave her enough time to think and realize how many other pet parents want something healthy, made with love, are convenient and economical for pet parents. she was cooking for this for maggie and neo anyway, so why not start and get more pet parents to have the convenience of fresh and healthy meals, so they don’t have to worry about their pet’s health and meal. she could even customize the meals to their pet’s specific daily intake and nutrition requirements!
then came the challenge of procuring human-grade meat, fresh produce, and grains, all at economical prices. with friends who have meat businesses and farms, and are pet lovers themselves, this was also easy to get into place.
so armed with that, with so much time on hand in the lockdown, she made google my best friend and intently poured over multiple recipes, did intensive pet nutrition research, spoke to vets and friends with pets, added a little common sense made the most of the lockdown, to then start what she loving calls - pawfectly made.

Besides being Maggie and neo’s proud mum, her life has always been enriched with having four legged babies around, starting from

Maximus | Pawfectlymade
her most handsome kid
Irish | Pawfectlymade
her heart
Ginger | Pawfectlymade
her loving darling
Gypsy | Pawfectlymade
her scared little beastie

Irene | Pawfectlymade
her elegant beauty
Maggie | Pawfectlymade
mylady, more a partner than a baby
Neo | Pawfectlymade
who she calls her “baby baccha”
Neo | Pawfectlymade
the sweetest little imp ever

these besides all the others that roam the streets, some who she has named - mystery, black, rumo, lonesome, raja, darpok, moti, and a lot of them who have no names, but know her as “ma”. :)

The ones who adopted me

Rumo | Pawfectlymade
Chutki | Pawfectlymade
Black | Pawfectlymade
Knight | Pawfectlymade

our mission

Maggie | Pawfectlymade
we want to turn the unconditional love we have for our pets into convenient care. besides our love and care, our pets also deserve a wholesome life with the physical nourishment of fresh, healthy, and delicious food. and that is our mission. To bring fresh, healthy and wholesome food to every pet in India. food that is made with love, care and all the best ingredients we can get, food that they deserve. But with being convenient and affordable for pet parents to be able to switch their pets to healthier food = healthier lives. And food that is customized for each unique pet, not made for masses. If they are special to us, their meals should be special too! Don’t you think?!

For us, learning is a constant and we never stop learning. we are working on new products on a regular basis, food products that will enhance our pets lives and still be affordable and convenient for pet parents, without compromising on the quality of ingredients or the way they are made, still customizing for each individual pet. Afterall, in India we show love through food, don't we? :)

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