keep pets busy to work from office

pet home alone? 6 ways to keep them busy

September 14, 2022

your lazy, snoozy work-from-home life has probably ended and that sucks… for your pet. 

with you gone all day, they'll have little else to do all alone, except being really bored (or really naughty).

keep your pet busy till you're back, with these 6 simple hacks!


1. window to the world - have a glass door/window your pet can look out of, so they don’t miss out on the outdoor action.

2. all play and no work… - throw together your pet’s fave toys in one play area to keep them busy for hours.

3. set up a snooze zone - and ensure there is a comfy bed for your pet to snuggle into for a nice loooong snoozefest.

4. wear out with a workout - early morning exercise will tire your pet out so all they do is loaf around later.

5. treat-filled toys - leave your pet with stimulating puzzle games that have surprise hidden treats.

6. plan a playdate - and have your pet join a neighborhood buddy for a furry little get-together.


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