why do street dogs bark so much at night?

why do street dogs bark so much at night?

March 16, 2023

if you, like us, have ever been woken up by your local canine band barking the night away, this one’s for you! 

is there a secret street dogs’ union that invites them to assemble and make noise in the middle of the night? what exactly are strays barking at? 🤔

it’s simple: strays don’t bark without reason. 

dogs are intelligent, sentient beings and the noises they make are often explainable. here are a few pointers to explain it further: 

  • dogs engage in something called socially facilitated barking or response barking. basically, when they hear other dogs barking, they return the call. this could be one of the reasons why your neighborhood dogs set off so loudly at night. 
  • it could also be neighborhood rivalry. dogs are territorial pack animals and the entry of a foreign canine in their area could be perceived as a disturbance or threat, and prompt a street dog to alert local friends to the trespasser.
  • stray dogs express anxiety, distress, pain or even excitement by vocalizing. environmental factors like cold weather or human-made triggers like crackers or car honking can provoke them further. 

life on the streets isn’t easy. 

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