how is our food so pawfectly made?

how is our food so pawfectly made?

March 7, 2021

Have you ever wondered what makes a Pawfectly Made meal score over all other pet foods? Even if you haven’t, you deserve to know. ‘Cos friends don’t keep secrets from each other.

From the time we work the magic in our kitchens to the moment we deliver to your doorstep, there’s love for your pet in every step. Let’s take a peek into the step-by-step process, shall we?

  1. Our top-quality, farm-fresh ingredients are sourced only from the most reputable vendors to ensure health is maximum and taste is droooool-worthy.
  2. But hold on! Before we touch any of it, we always, always glove up. Hygiene is priority for us. Rest assured, your little one’s food is in safe hands.
  3. Off to the magic land of sanitised kitchens and nutritious food! Here, we slice with skill, chop with care and flavour with flourish for meals that are cooked to perfection.
  4. Abracadabra and voila! A pawfectly made meal is ready to rock and rrrrumble.
  5. Time to get packing! We only use high-grade vacuum packaging in temperature controlled settings for food that remains fresh for upto a week after opening.
  6. Choo choo! Yummy train is leaving the station! We’re off and will be there at your doorstep with pawfect pet food in no time. Home delivery has never been easier.
All that’s left to do now is just cut and serve the food for your little furbaby to ENJOY!

We’re committed to your pet and we know they love us too. It’s a pawfect match! With our variety of recipes - and a whole new range of exciting treats! - your furbaby is spoilt for choice, as they so deserve. Whatchu waiting for?

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how is our food so pawfectly made