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7 easy-peasy tips to puppy proof your home

February 11, 2023

if you’ve got home a new puppy (or are planning to), congratulations — happiness begins here! ❤️

the first thing you’ll have to do before letting your furry lil’ family member explore their new home is to puppy-proof it. give your cute furball a safe, comfortable start!  

use these 7 essential tips to puppy-proof your home: 


  1. keep sharp objects & toxic chemicals out of reach. stow away cleaning detergents, knives, batteries, creams, and medicines in high cupboards where your pup can’t reach.  
  2. secure the dustbins. your growing furball will pitter-patter into every corner to explore. make sure trash cans are firmly closed so they can’t stick their noses in there.  
  3. use a baby gate or doggie barrier near stairs or rooms you don’t want your pupper to venture near. fasten windows & doors to keep your pet safely indoors. 
  4. don’t leave electrical cords lying around. move chargers & loose wires out of the way, so your puppy doesn’t trip or bite into something toxic. 
  5. train them to use their crate. set up a cozy corner for your new furrriend (with toys & a bed) & encourage them to spend time there, to give them a sense of personal space. 
  6. see to it that your puppy climbs surfaces that are not too high & can get down easily, to avoid getting hurt. add small stairs or stools wherever necessary. 
  7. never leave your food out on the table unguarded where your puppy can reach it. many human foods are toxic for dogs, especially pups whose immune system is still developing.


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