Our ingredients are fresh and locally sourced.

Our meats are human grade and procured from reputable vendors. We use only meats that are fit for human consumption (no waste, skin, hide, etc. and only healthy animal meat). We also source our vegetables and grains from local farms, ensuring freshness and quality of the veggies and grains. We only use whole ingredients you can recognize - lean proteins, fresh fruits and veggies, and high-quality carbohydrates.
We DO NOT use cheap fillers, additives, or preservatives. And there is NOTHING artificial added to the food. Ever.

Vet certified.

All our recipes are certified by highly qualified vets and have been lab tested for longevity, ingredient grade, and suitability of pet palates.

Plans are customized.

Our Weekly meal plan includes a combined diet of chicken, lamb, and fish, with a mix of grains and fresh veggies, making it a wholesome weekly menu. Not only this, but we also alternate the recipes every other week, so your pet is not bored with the same food.
And since we know every pet is different, we take each pet’s specific needs to create a customized and pre-portioned menu for them. Using our proprietary questionnaire, we customize pre-portioned meal plans based on your pet’s size and weight to make sure they get the Pawfect nourishment they need.

Our recipes can help pets live better and happier lives.

Seriously. There's enough evidence in the veterinary community that shows the numerous health benefits of freshly prepared pet food over kibble. Besides being delicious (we know because we have pets) and using the 80:20 rule (80% meat, 20% grain, and veggies), freshly made pet food helps with healthier digestion, increased energy, relief from allergies, and even a shinier coat. Trust us, Pawfectly Made meals can make a real difference in the health of your pet.

Hygienic and controlled packaging.

We use high-grade vacuum packing to ensure the food remains fresh even 7 days later when you open the pack. The plastic packs we use are made from BPA-free materials and are non-toxic (as much as we would like to avoid plastic, this is really the best and most economical way to preserve the food for now). The weighing and packaging is done under very hygienic conditions under strictly monitored and temperature-controlled conditions, to ensure freshness of the food is preserved.

So Convenient and delivered to your doorstep.

Feeding your fresh, real food every day was never this convenient or easy. We deliver meals on a weekly basis, with a 7-day pack, delivered to your home once a week, giving you the flexibility to reorder ever week OR have a monthly subscription. And all you need to do is cut a packet a day, without worrying about measured intake (we do that for you as well).
Whether you are a working pet parent or traveling out, Pawfectly Made meals for your pet are as easy as order, cut (the packet), and serve. You can even assign feeding times to your kids or house help when you are out.

100% Happy Pet Guarantee or your money back.

Have a picky eater? Have pets with food allergies? No worries. Pawfectly Made, is made perfectly for fussy and delicate pets and we give you a 100% Happy Pet Guarantee -- if your pet doesn't love our food, we'll give you your money back. It's that simple.

Pets love it.

The taste of our Pawfectly Made meals just doesn't compare to commercial kibbles, hence all pets love us! You’ll also be amazed by the healthy effect our Pawfectly Made meals have on your pets. We know because we saw our pets get healthier and happier with every meal!

You love your pet(s).

If you've gotten this far, you obviously care a lot about your pet(s). It’s time to then subscribe to Pawfectly Made meals now, and if you're not convinced...see number #3.

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pawfectly made: pet food delivery service pawfectly made is a fresh, healthy and homemade pet food delivery service. our meals are vet certified ensuring the goodness and nutrition of locally sourced vegetables and human-grade meats from reputed vendors. our pawfectly made meals are a treat for pets and a healthy substitute for kibble food. pawfectly made meals come in recipes of lamb, chicken and fish and are made with human-grade meats and farm-fresh vegetables to ensure the Pawfectly Made meals are as gourmet as pet food can get. our subscription based pet food delivery service has weekly and monthly subscriptions or a Pawfectly Made trial pack offering to tickle your pet’s taste buds. pawfectly made meals are homemade and ready to serve. all you need to do is cut the packet and serve. no heating or adding water needed. pawfectly made healthy pet food is being loved by dogs and cats across bangalore through our efficient pet food delivery service. our Pawfectly Made homemade meals are pawfectly made using fresh vegetables, human-grade meat, free-range eggs, and brown rice. our Pawfectly Made meals are customized according to your pet ensuring pawfect nourishment. so say goodbye to commercial kibbles and introduce your pets to healthy homemade meals with pawfectly made. watch your pet get healthier and happier with every Pawfectly Made meal.

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