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While starting your pet on a new freshly cooked food diet is awesome, there are a few important things you must keep in mind. especially if you’re a first-time pet parent.
so lean in, and read this very, very carefully.

Introducing your cutie to our pawfect meals

  • Do not shift your pet completely in one day to our meals as this may upset their stomach. a gradual shift from their current diet is what we recommend.

  • we have 30+ variants with different meat options.

  • If this is the first time your pet is having our pawfectly made meals, please start with replacing ⅓ of their current daily meal with our meal, then moving it to ½ of their daily intake after 3-4 days, then 3/4 from day 5-7 and then completely by end of the week. this slow replacement/shift/switch/swap is absolutely necessary to ensure your pet does not react adversely to our meals. please see the chart below.
day 1-2
pawfectly made
old diet
day 3-4
pawfectly made
old diet
day 5-7
pawfectly made
old diet
1 week onwards
pawfectly made

pawfect storage of meals

  • Our meals do not have any preservatives or additives. they are fresh, hand-cooked meals and hence need to be stored in the refrigerator, not freezer, much like our human food.

  • Once received, the meals should be stored in the refrigerator at or below 4° c or 40° f. Within 15-20 minutes of delivery. if they are not, pawfectly made does not take responsibility for the quality of meals.

  • Packs that have been cut and not served completely can also be put back and stored in the refrigerator, till their expiry date.

  • If the meals are left outside the refrigerator or unchilled environment for more than 30-40 mins after being received, the shelf life of the food is halved.

  • If a pack is puffed, smells rancid or not fresh when opened, please do not serve it to your pet and please send us an image of the pack with the recipe and expiry label on woofsandpurrs@pawfectlymade.com.So we can send an immediate replacement and pick up the same for an investigation

How long do our pawfect meals last

  • If refrigerated, all our meals stay fresh and have a shelf life of 7 days.

  • Each meal pack comes with the manufacture and expiry date. these could vary within the same subscription, so we urge you to check all packs and use them before expiry.

How to feed your pet pawfectly made meals

  • Our pawfectly made meals are carefully customized and curated keeping your pet’s size, age, health, and activity levels in mind, and provide them their complete daily nutrition.

  • They are pre-packed as per your pet’s daily nutritional need. you do not need to feed your pet any other food with our meals, once they have transitioned to our meals. our meals are all your pet needs.

  • You may choose to feed your pet once or twice daily - if feeding once, serve the whole pack. if feeding twice, serve half the meal one time, put back the pack in the refrigerator, and serve the rest of the meal at the second mealtime.

  • You may feel that our pawfectly made meal portion sizes look small, but our meals are very rich in proteins and have sufficient calories as per your pet’s requirements, so do not give them more quantity or supplement any more food, than the prescribed daily need. this can be very harmful.

  • Once your pet has transitioned to our pawfectly made meals, please do not give them any other added foods as they may have an adverse effect on your pet. these meals are self sufficient and do not need added foods to your pet’s diet. treats and small indulgences are fine, but please do not mix our diet with any other foods.


  • We use only fresh meats and veggies for our recipes and all our meals are hand made with a lot of care and love.

  • 40+ recipes across Chicken, Eggs, Mutton & Fish. we curate and send you the recipes that are suitable for your pet, depending on the information and preferences you have given us, as per the quiz.

  • All our recipes are served boneless, while they are cooked on the bone to ensure higher nutrition. but the bones are removed before mashing and packaging.

  • We add marrow from the cooked bones to the recipes as they are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and add a lot of flavor to the meal.

  • Our meals may have cartilage, which is safe for pets to chew and digest, helps clean teeth, and provides a natural source of glucosamine that keeps their joints healthy.

  • For our egg recipes, the eggs are boiled separately at between 77ºc-100ºc for 10-15 minutes, to remove the risk of salmonella and then mashed with the eggshells into our recipe, as eggshells are a great source of calcium for your pets and keep their bones healthy.

  • To know more about our recipes click here.

Poop changes

  • You will most certainly notice a lot of poop changes when you start your pet on pawfectly made meals. You will see that your pet’s poop size will come down dramatically changing to fresh foods. this is mainly because the larger the poop, the less food is being digested. that's why commercial kibbles cause big, smelly poops - because your pet’s system is throwing out all the indigestible filler.

  • There may also be a change in the color of the stool. this is perfectly normal and not something to be alarmed at.

  • The stool may become softer or harder than it typically is, once you start on pawfectly made meals and your pet may excrete more frequently. these changes in stool consistency are normal and expected. They should settle after a week or so and the poop will become firmer, and more consistent in color, though the amount will still be much smaller than when your pet was on other food.