is my dog mad at me?

is my dog mad at me?

May 17, 2023

having a dog is much like having a teen kid. they’re lots of fun to be around but when they throw a temper tantrum… boy, oh boy. 


you do not want to get on the wrong side of them. 😥


❗ Caution: serious side-eyes and chewed up shoes guaranteed. yikes.❗ 


dogs, like humans, can experience a range of emotions, including anger. however, it's important to note that anger in dogs is not always the same as anger in humans. 


dogs don't possess the same level of complex emotional reasoning as humans do. instead, their behavior often reflects their immediate response to a specific situation or stimulus.


what made your dog angry? some reasons to consider 


 so what ticked your furry off? 


did they see you breaking a treat in half and passing it off as two treats? 😡 maybe you forgot to take them to the park? or accidentally stepped on their tail? (don’t worry, your pet won’t hold a grudge for the last one.


you may feel your dog is angry at you for something you did. but you may not be the problem at all. your pooch may just be finding an outlet for a difficult situation they are probably in: 


these are some situations where a dog may display emotions resembling anger: 


  1. fear or threat: dogs may become angry when they feel threatened or fearful. this response is their way of protecting themselves or their territory. it's important to remember that aggression can be a defensive mechanism in dogs, triggered by a perceived threat. it can also be a telling symptom of anxiety in dogs.


  1. frustration or lack of control: dogs, just like humans, can become frustrated when they are unable to fulfill their desires or when their expectations are not met. this frustration can manifest as signs of anger, such as growling or snapping. for example, if a dog is unable to access a desired toy, they may display angry behavior. 


  1. pain or discomfort: dogs experiencing pain or discomfort may display signs of anger. they might become irritable and lash out when their body is in distress. it's crucial to rule out any underlying medical conditions or injuries that may be causing them pain, as this can contribute to their display of anger. 


  1. lack of socialization or training: dogs that have not been properly socialized or trained may struggle to understand and cope with various social situations. this lack of understanding can lead to frustration and potentially aggressive behavior that may be mistaken for anger. 


  1. past negative experiences: dogs may exhibit anger as a result of past negative experiences or trauma. if a dog has been mistreated or subjected to harsh environments in the past, they may display anger as a defense mechanism to protect themselves from perceived threats.


here are 4 signs to know your furbaby is in a mood: 


  1. the cold shoulder. your dog may ignore you or give you the silent treatment. ouch. it somehow hurts more when it comes from your furry than from a hooman.


  1. the hunger strike. yup, an upset or anxious dog could experience a change in appetite, eating less than usual. (sometimes even more.) don’t take it personally! 


  1. the whale eye. you know that sneaky look when your dog’s head is turned away but they’re still looking at you out of the corners of their eyes? yeah, that’s a sign too. 


  1. the mischief maker. your dog could get up to naughty business – barking excessively or tearing apart cushions and shoes – when something’s bothering them. 


changes in routine, lifestyle, physical or mental health could be throwing your pooch off the track. make sure they are all caught up on their vet appointments to rule out any health issues. ✅


pawfectly made has juuuust the pawfect munchies to get your floof to cool down. 😍


our chilled gelatos n’ yummy pawpsies n’ crunchy treatos are sure to put your little furball in the best mood. we pawmise! ❤️


how to make a dog happy: tips for the ultimate furry fun 


as pet parents, our daily goal is to ensure our little furballs are having the time of their lives. they’re allowed to get angry at us sometimes (every child throws tantrums!) but overall, they should be happy! 


here are some tips to help you make your furry friend wag their tail with delight, today and every day: 


  1. shower them with love and attention. dogs thrive on affection. show your pup how much you care by giving them plenty of cuddles, belly rubs, and kisses. make them feel like royalty and the center of your world, and they will reward you with unwavering love and happiness. learn how to say i love you in dog language here!


  1. keep the treat jar full at all times. after all, a dog's happiness is just a biscuit away. but don’t keep it within their paw’s reach, because your forever-hungry furbaby will definitely try sneaking more than their fair share of treats whenever they get the chance.


  1. engage in interactive play. not only will this provide physical exercise, but it will also strengthen the bond between you and your dog. use toys, balls, or even play a game of fetch whenever you find time. a game of "hide and seek" with their favorite toy is a good idea. your dog will feel like a four-legged sherlock holmes… or should we say, sherlock bones!


  1. socialize them with other dogs and humans. dogs are social animals and thrive on companionship. arrange playdates with other friendly dogs or visit dog parks where they can interact, make new pals, and exchange tales of chasing squirrels and dreaming of endless belly rubs. additionally, expose them to different people, allowing them to build positive associations.


and last, but not least, keep their bowls full with their favorite food — of course, we mean pawfectly made meals! 😍


a balanced and nutritious diet plays a crucial role in a dog's overall happiness and well-being — every vet will tell you as much. healthy meals prepared with the freshest ingredients are important to keep pets energized, maintain a shiny coat, promote a healthy weight, and keep their internal functions smoothly working — all contributing to their happiness.


pawfectly made’s healthy, nutritionally balanced meals ensure all those benefits — and then some more! ❤️

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