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Make your pooch your best co-worker!

September 11, 2021

while nobody enjoys being cooped up, it’s sure that some are benefiting from this work-from-home situation. that’s right, our dogs may be thinking they’ve won the lottery as you’re home with them all day now.
so if you’re boggled by how to keep your dog entertained and avoid those puppy eyes for attention, we have three good ideas to keep your fuzzy family member busy.

1. long-lasting chews

stuff a piece of cooked meat (without bones) inside a kong and seal it with unsweetened peanut butter (no xylitol) or pet-friendly ingredients like mashed eggs, pumpkin, cheese, blueberries, banana, or broccoli. or put dry food in the opening of a treat ball and watch your dog roll.

2. DIY toys

reuse your plastic bottle (discard the cap) by cutting a few holes and filling it with dry treats. or tie a long sock into a knot, soak it in water, and freeze for a cool new chew toy. DO NOT leave your dog unsupervised with the DIY toys. chewing onto the bottle for too long may lead to sharp edges harming your pooch’s mouth. and ingesting cloth can be dangerous for your pet.

3. homemade treats

doggo-friendly pupsicles to the rescue! you can try a blend of watermelon (without seeds) and carrot, banana and peanut butter, or berries and yogurt. or take a plastic jar, swirl a little bacon grease at the bottom and let it harden. your dog will lick the bacon goodness for hours.
apart from these ideas, do spend time with your dog by taking walks or just taking breaks to cuddle. but remember to not overdo it. isolating yourself for some time during the day in your own homemade office space would be ideal for your pet (just remember to keep the choking hazards out of reach).
and if you want us to assist you with wholesome meals for your dog while you’re busy working from home, we’re here to help. check out pawfectlymade for meals packed with goodness that’ll keep your pet healthy and happy.

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