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We put our noses on our case!

Oh crap! Get your pet to poop that goop.

February 2, 2021

Today, we’re here with the scoop on your pet’s poop! When you move your pet from a Kibble or high carb diet to fresh pet food, your pet’s poop changes in more ways than one.

To start with, there will be a dramatic fall in the quantity of your pet’s poop. You see, the more the poop, lesser the food that your pet is digesting. That's why commercial kibble causes your furbaby to poop out such big, smelly stinkers – their system is throwing out all the indigestible filler.

Shifting to fresh food, like our Pawfectly made meals, will significantly reduce the amount of your pet’s poop. Everything in the meals is easily digestible and so, there isn’t much waste to poop out.

The colour of your pet’s stool may also change due to some unique compounds in carbohydrates that give poop its colour. If the stool becomes a darker shade of orange or yellow, that can be related to certain compounds that help facilitate your pet’s digestion to change and adapt to the new diet.

This is perfectly normal, so you needn’t panic at all!

Your pet’s stool may become softer or harder than it typically is, once you start them on fresh pet food like our Pawfectly made meals. Again, these changes in stool consistency are normal and expected. They should settle after a week or so and the poop will become firmer and more consistent in color, though the amount will still be lesser than when your pet was on other food.

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