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Pawfect reasons to switch to FRESH and HOMEMADE pet food today!

January 31, 2021

Pawfect reasons to switch to FRESH and HOMEMADE pet food today!

Fresh, homemade, home cooked pet food Extruded meats in the pet food
Human grade meat with gourmet quality from trusted vendors, with no skin, beaks, claws, etc Feed grade meat which can contain diseased carcasses (feed grade allows for it), along with innards, skin, beaks, claws, etc
No additives or preservatives for shelf life. Only fresh, homemade, home cooked pet food. Loaded with preservatives and additives for long shelf life in the pet food.
No fillers or preservatives, low carb. Pure goodness and freshness in the dog food and cat food. 60-70% of most kibble is corn which is a cheap and easy filler for dog food and cat food.
Customised portions as per the pet’s nutritional needs calculated by our scientific pet food calculator which includes the pet’s fitness, activity and health concerns. Approximate portions suggested only as per the pet’s size, not taking into account the cat or dog’s being over/ underweight, activity levels, health needs, etc
Customised recipes as per the pet’s health needs with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Same recipes and meals mixed for most pets, with basic quality of ingredients.
9 Tasty recipes to choose from with change of menu every week, made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients from trusted vendors with no fillers or preservatives. No boring pet food! Same food, same flavours, zero variety. Why would your pet eat the same dog food or cat food every day? The recipes result in very boring pet food.

And the KEY reason - IT’S FRESH, HOMEMADE, HOME COOKED, and have ZERO Preservatives OR FILLERS!!!

If these reasons are not good enough, just read the testimonials to see how much pet parents love our fresh, homemade and preservative-free pet food and how much our pet dogs and cats enjoy our customised dog food and customised cat food. We are sure it would convince you to at least give us a try! ;)

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