travel is so much more fun when you’ve got a furry friend along for the ride. 🐾

PAWS ABOARD! essential tips for traveling with a pet

July 29, 2023

travel is so much more fun when you’ve got a furry friend along for the ride. 🐾

whether it’s a road trip or a train journey, traveling with a pet doesn’t just give you a sense of adventure… but also deeper bonding with your furbaby. both of you will be making memories for a lifetime! 💕

imagine driving down scenic routes, walking along sandy beaches, or even navigating through bustling cities with your pet by your side. these moments form an unbreakable connection filled with laughter, tail wags, and a whole lot of love. 

so it’s important to ensure that the journey is special!  

a lil’ bit of careful planning and packing will set you and your furry on the way to the best trip of your lives! 🥳


here are a few important travel tips for when you’re taking a trip with your pet: 

  1. this is most important. choose the mode of transportation wisely. in India, pets on trains and flights are allowed at a fee. air India is the only one among major airlines in India that details a clearly defined pet travel policy, making flying with a dog easier. that said, the humane society of the united states recognizes that air travel for pets may not be the safest option, especially for brachycephalic breeds (or pet breeds with flat faces) like bulldogs or Persian cats since it could interfere with their breathing.

    dog travel in train is also a convenient process in India. in fact, according to IRCTC, “When it comes to transportation of pet dogs, train is always considered the preferred mode of transport.” there are guidelines, of course, but pet parents are spoilt for choice in considering how to carry their pets in trains, with options of accommodation also available.

    and remember, for a road trip, the car needs to be spacious enough for your pet to have wiggle room. 🚗


  1. pack a separate bag for your furry diva with pet essentials like food, water, treats, feeding and grooming supplies, poop bags, wipes, harnesses, and toys to keep your companion satisfied. if your pet requires medications, ensure you have an adequate supply. a basic pet first aid kit is also essential. don’t forget to have a leash and collar with ID tags containing your contact information handy. 🦴


  1. while flights and trains necessarily ask for pets to be put in a travel crate/carrier, it’s a good idea to also have this gear handy for road trips to give your furry a safe, personal space. dog safety in car is ensured better with a durable carrier that limits injuries arising from sudden bumps, jerks, or any unforeseen accidents. 🐶


  1. factor in plenty of rest stops during the journey for your pet to stretch their legs and attend to nature’s call. nothing is better you can find pet-friendly parks or facilities along the way! during stops, leash your pet and offer water and a chance to walk around. these breaks not only ensure your pet's comfort but also promote a safe and mess-free road trip for both of you. 💩

    we suppose you’ll need these pitstops too – nature calls humans too, after all! it is of utmost importance that pet parents ensure dog safety in car travels by not leaving the pet unattended in a parked vehicle. according to travel guidelines listed by ASPCA, leaving a pet alone in a closed vehicle can lead to extreme consequences in both hot and cold weather conditions.   


  1. make sure your pet is up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations and carry all their pet-related documents. these may include vaccination records, health certificates, and any required permits or licenses.

    having the necessary paperwork readily accessible ensures you can provide proof of your pet's health status and compliance with travel regulations if required by authorities or when checking into pet-friendly accommodations. it’s always a good idea to keep your vet on speed dial. 📞


  1. this one’s a no-brainer: before making travel bookings, read the accommodation's pet policy carefully and keep an eye out for information about pet fees, size and breed restrictions, and any specific rules or regulations they may have. ensure the accommodation you plan to stay at is pet-friendly and equipped with facilities for your travel buddy. 🎾 


  1. finally, prioritize patience. traveling with pets can be unpredictable. they’re going to encounter new sights, sounds, and smells that could be overwhelming experiences they might take time to enjoy. some pets may even experience travel anxiety, especially during long journeys. it's important to be flexible and allow for adjustments to your itinerary when needed. 🥰 


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