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how to set up a playdate for pets!

how to set up a playdate for pets!

July 26, 2023

it’s always fun to play cupid — especially when it comes to striking up a friendship between two furries! 🥰  

we mean, of couuuurse you are your pet’s bestest friend. no doubt about it. ❤️

but your little furry BFF also needs companions that have tails and paws and won’t mind a few playful wrestling matches. also, who doesn’t love a meet-cute?

in this blog, we’ll tell you how to go about planning cat or dog playdates. before we proceed, let’s talk a bit about why it’s so important for your pet to have other pet friends, and why setting up casual day outings like these is actually healthy. 


why setting up pet playdates is a great (and important) idea! 

  1. everybody enjoys playtime! having pet friends means your furry will never be short of playmates. the more, the merrier. remember how the popular kid in class was friends with everybody and everybody liked them? yup, your pet will be that popular kid. 


  1. communication is healthy. pets have their unique way of communicating, and having fellow furballs around helps them express themselves better. tail wags, ear twitches, and nose nudges. these are all conversational cues for pets. who knows what they’re gossiping about? (their hoomans, probably?) 


  1. furry therapy! just like chatting with our friends can lighten our moods, pets too experience mental and emotional benefits when surrounded by their peers. whether it's sharing secrets or just lending an empathetic ear… er, we mean paw, pet friends make the best furry therapists! 


  1. it’s adventure time. whether it's investigating a strange noise in the house (are you working the mixie, hooman?) or going on outdoor adventures, pets feel more confident and secure when they have friends by their side. exploring becomes an adventure every time! 


  1. starting young. playdates can be an interesting and fun way to introduce your pet to the world. puppies and dogs need socialization in different environments to develop personalities and encourage desirable behaviors.


which friend? how to choose the perfect playmate for your pet: 

choosing the right pets to socialize with your furry friend requires careful consideration to ensure a positive and safe experience during dog playdates (and otherwise). here are some things to consider before choosing which pets to socialize your pet with:


  1. temperament: is your pet outgoing, shy, playful, or laid-back? look for animals with similar temperaments to create a harmonious interaction. if your pet is shy or anxious, introducing them to overly boisterous or dominant animals may not be the best idea initially. 
  2. body language: pay attention to the body language of both animals when introducing them. look for signs of comfort, such as relaxed postures, wagging tails, or friendly curiosity. avoid situations where one pet seems fearful, aggressive, or overly territorial.

  3. size matters: match pets of similar ages and sizes whenever possible. a large and energetic dog might unintentionally overwhelm a tiny kitten or small dog, leading to a negative experience. similarly, a young, rambunctious puppy might not be the best fit for an older, more reserved dog. (although this is not a hard and fast rule — friends come in all shapes and sizes. it’s all about comfort. 💕) 


always introduce pets in a controlled environment and under supervision. use leashes or enclosures as necessary to maintain control and separate them if needed. gradually increase the time they spend together as they become more comfortable. 


here are a few tips to go about planning a playdate for your pet:


  1. find the perfect playmate. like us, pets check out the ✨vibes✨ before becoming friends with other furries. so you don't want to pair up a calm dog with a hyperactive ball of fur. look for similar-sized and tempered furrrends your pet is comfortable with. (refer to the section above!) 


  1. choose the perfect spot. a neutral area – like a park or a pet-friendly beach, where both pets can sniff around and have fun – is purrrfect! (remember to keep your pet safe and clean up after them.)  


  1. toys, toys, more toys! bring a frisbee, a ball, or any other toys that your pets love — ‘cos no playdate is complete without games. don't forget to arrange for water, treats, and other essentials (like medications).   


  1. you don't want any fights to break out. keep a close eye on the pets, especially if they're meeting for the first time. if you see things heating up or signs of aggressive behavior, call time on the playdate and calm the furries down.   


  1. end on a happy note! As the playdate comes to a close, give your pets treats and lotttts of belly rubs. reward them for being good so they look forward to more playdates in the future! 


make those playdates extra special with pawfectly made treats! 💕

our flavorful, healthy pops of love are pawfect to add some crunch-a-licious fun to any furry party. your pawsome furball and their pawsome friends will love it — we promise! 😍

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