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Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
My my ! .. the dog food looks yum.

Rowdy's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade

The food preparation is pawtastic as they create these awesome recipes while also keeping in mind of the dog's health and fitness... definitely recommend it ✨

sweety's dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade

The variety of meal options across chicken, fish, and lamb provided by Pawfectly Made are just too good to be true. Add to it, the quality of packaging, carefully measured portions, and the consistency of service are what make my go-to meal service for my pet! Wish they had a similar service for humans as well.

moony's dad
Fresh Petfood reviews | Pawfectly Made I am becoming a fussy eater as I grow up. So my pawrents have to keep changing my food.
2 months back they tried fresh food from @pawfectlymadeforpets & I am loving their food since 😋 Especially their chicken and lamb 😀 Thank you for the yummy food @pawfectlymadeforpets

goku's parent thesaiyanhusky
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Would definitely recommend this over any other dry kibble available in the market. The food was indeed pawfectly made, perfectly delivered!

Odin's mum
Wondering What To Eat For Dinner 🥣🐶. I got fresh food and Imma so wafffyy @pawfectlymadeforpets .

zorro's parent unmaskingofzorro
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
she loved it. :-) ..the food was gone in a flash.

Zuri's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Pawfectly Made has been such a blessing in my life. I've always been concerned of my cats nutrition and food intake ever since his neutering last year. For the longest time, I'd been switching between homemade food and packet wet food for his meals. Often because of convenience, I'd stick to packet food despite the concern of preservatives. A friend introduced me to Pawfectly Made which she'd subscribed for her dogs. And we did a trial week and got a chance to try out different flavors and pick the ones he absolutely loved. We started with the monthly subscription which arrive timely every week in custom quantities for his weight and lifestyle. Recently, I happened to move in with my family for a few weeks and needed to switch the delivery address temporarily. The team at Pawfectly Made was so accommodative and ensured that the meals arrived at the new address as per schedule. I was grateful for this additional service because Loki loves his meals and I'd have hated to give him packet food again! Highly recommend Pawfectly Made to all pet parents! P.S Its also very economical and has broad range of flavors that's pretty unique to a brand of its kind!

loki's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Please don't change anything! It's absolutely pawfect!!

Ringoo & Chikoo's Mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade

Very nice and cordial staff. Go out of the way to accommodate the customer.

nawaab's dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
:) Loved it!

Luna's Mum
Fresh Petfood reviews | Pawfectly Made Received this today from @pawfectlymadeforpets and i must say i loves it! Its freshly made with choices ingredients and customised according to me yay! #lovesit #petfood #organic #vetcertified #dogfood #dogsofinstagram #labsofinstagram #lablife

Leonardo's parent lifewoofleo
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Pawfectly knows the best for your fur babies. Their food ingredients are all well farmed off and can be visually seen when served. No doubt my boi Goku finishes the meals with such great enthusiasm.

Goku's Dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
My dog really loves the food he eats it in just a click of a second .

Leo's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
My dog really loves the food he eats it in just a click of a second .

Phulki & Jhinki's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade

I have a mid-aged Indie to whom I introduced pawfectly trial food. He liked it a Lot. Thanks, team.

teddy's dad
Fresh Petfood reviews | Pawfectly Made #pawfectly made for me ... Thank you @pawfectlymadeforpets ! (Gimme more)

oreo's parent siroreolicksalot
Cat's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
our cats loved it :) It was great!

Tom's Mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade

We started with a trial pack for one month and now we have moved to the monthly meal pack and our Golden Retriever is crazy in love with it. He is a super fussy eater and now he just finishes the bowl. The best part is that the meals are protein-rich and balanced as per the pup’s weight. And also, the meals can be customized as per your puppy’s allergies and ailments. Anything I say, won’t be enough. So, to conclude, we love Pawfectly Made and we will soon start their monthly plan for our younger pup. Please, you can blindly order from them. The food is awesome!!!! :)

Maximus's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
The variety of meals options across chicken, fish and lamb provided by Pawfectly Made are just too good to be true. Add to it, the quality of packaging, carefully measured out portions and the consistency of service is what makes my go-to meal service for my pet! Wish they had a similar service for humans as well.

moony's dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Got introduced to the company via a friend who spoke very highly of the food and the service. Checked the website and found it to be very interesting and intuitive. Made my first order and the food packages arrived on time and i was blown away by the attention paid to detail and the professionalism. Goes without saying, the quality of food is second to none. Every day, making my dog’s meal, i am drooling just as much as he is. He loves the food and licks every last bit of it from the bowl. what’s priceless is i don’t have to worry about nutrients, quality of meat and veggies etc. I can vouch for ‘peace of mind’ as the main ingredient. ever since he started this meal, his poop has reduced drastically and gotten much softer. I have no complaints from him about the meal at all. Highly recommend the service, food and the company to all.

Becker's dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
I’ve been feeding my older dog, Rei, the meals from Pawfectly Made for a few months now. She really loves the food from here and it’s super nutritious. She eats the various chicken meals five days a week and a couple of lamb meals. Only two out of the seven meals are with grains and that too brown rice so it’s good for her. My second one, Fynn, loves to pick up any scraps after his sister is done eating. He’s not old enough yet because the brand suggests you start your dogs on their food only when they are a year old but I can already tell he’ll love it. 😊 Their website is easy to use and all they’re responsive with their chat in case of any emergencies.

rei and fynn's mum
When yummy food arrives & mama tells me, it’s healthy too. 🤩
Thanks @pawfectlymadeforpets for sending this box full of pawsome-ness❤️
woof woof!🐶🐾
PS- Mah lil bro was sniffing around as well.
#maxnperce #hakunamatata #bestdogfood #PawfectlyMade

max's parent maxandperce.adventures
Yesterday we received our sample from @pawfectlymadeforpets and we absolutely LOVED IT!!!
Everything from the delivery to the product was so good!
✔When we get offers for collabs we do not just blindly accept all of them, we always research, as we stand by the products we post. That being said, not everything that works for us may work for u. 🐶
Anyway let's get to the review!
PRODUCT NAME: fish El Minto by @pawfectlymadeforpets
🐾The taste was amazing
🐾 sufficient quantity
🐾 air lock packaging with simplistic labelling
🐾 comes with a feeding manual, which is so well layed out and easy to understand (photo inserted)
🐾 the food was well mashed, which makes it easier to digest especially for dogs that eat real fast like Marvel
🐾 the delivery was timely and done very professionally, the delivery partner even sent me a message reminding me to refrigerate ASAP
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Definitely try them out, I'm sure you'll love their service & product as well 🤗
100% #MarvelApproved #marvelrecommends

marvel's parent marvel.superindie
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
He is totally loving it!

Burno's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Our golden retriever, Whisky, loves the food.Gobbles it up the minute we serve. We don't have to put effort in feeding him like we did when we gave him dry kibbles.Now he waits eagerly for him meals and it feels like he is never full. Always wants more. Thank you for making dog food nutritional and delicious as well.

whisky's dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
My pet loves the meals. Their logistics management is marvelous. Subscription plans are very cost effective. Packaging is eco-friendly and easy to pour/store. What more can you ask for? I surely recommend their services and subscription. Thanks team Pawfectly!

chutki's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
3+ months of service from Pawfectly ... Service so far impeccable. On time delivery, good quality food for my pet, excellent packaging and have had no complaints to date. Customer service is also super responsive. Highly recommended for pet parents.

hela's dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
One of the best place to order meals for your dogs. They are very punctual with there delivery. You can customise the meal for your dog based on what it likes and inform beforehand if it’s allergic to something. And the quantity of food is calculated based on the age, weight and breed of the dog so that’s a nice touch. Also the prices are affordable. Overall would recommend to people those want to feed there dogs fresh food instead of processed food like kibbles.

thor's dad
I loved the treats I got for Rakhi from @pawfectlymadeforpets
Very well packaged, love that they are organic and preservatives free :)

dream's parent dream.the.lab
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
No other dog food including other homemade meals have gotten our dogs B and S so excited to eat every single day. I think the variety is especially welcome: a fish, lamb, or chicken meal each day with varieties that we get to choose when we subscribe. Thanks for feeding our kids! Oh, I also love the fact that they take back the cartons that each week's meals arrive in: that's one for the environment too. 👍

Button's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Very happy with the service and food. My boy is happy so am I!

Casper's dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
All Slurped up

Joey's Dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
If there's one word to describe the food, it's ✨ Magic ✨ Bruno keeps fighting with me to give him a second serving no matter how much he eats the pawfectly made meals. The 7 year old just couldn't help but speak and express loud about his happiness ❣️😊 Really thrilling experience for us as we haven't really seen our baby being so happy about his meals 3 times a day. About the food - we ordered 2 sets ober 2 weeks and Bruno was really happy with each packet. Well packed, comprises healthy and nutritional components such as carrots, veggies, corn, leafy foods, all kinds of meat and brown rice! Feels like home food and it's made with love. The best part is the meat is boneless and minced! Absolutely impressive Loved the experience, will absolutely cherish it in the coming years. Also planning to turn into a permanent customer here! Love ❤️

Bruno's parent
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade

I have been feeding my two dogs food from Pawfectly Made for the past year and a half and it has made my life so much easier. They were on a chicken and rice diet before, which while good, was ending up being twice as expensive for me than what I paying monthly with Pawfectly Made. Moreover there's a lot more meat variety and vegetable combinations that they offer (which they help you customise per your dog's age and weight). The dogs love the food and since they deliver the food on a weekly basis, it's safe to say they are almost completely preservative free. Loving the overall experience so far.

Bowie's dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
What yummy food it was and how he enjoyed it! After a long time, he kept sitting and wating for more to be put in his bowl.

Dash's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Very responsive customer service. The packaging was too good. The food was all natural and fresh. My dog loved it till the last lick.❤️

Odin's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
My first experience with Pawfectly, definitely was nervous about it but honestly after i rec'd the package and the way my boy Troy had his meal, it was a treat to my eyes to watch him eat his meal with so much joy and he was expecting me to serve him more. Last few weeks he has been very fussy about food and every session with him has been a challenge and stressful to make him have his meals but Jan 11th lunch and dinner was a memorable meal for him and a no stress day for me:-). Thank you Pawfectly for being so good with your service and making my boy happy. Definitely will be a repeat order.

troy's parent
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade

Love how effortless it's been dealing with Pawfectly Made's customer care! Especially when ordering for a fussy eater, the fact that I can call and re-schedule/change recipes/pause a subscription makes things so much easier.

oreo and browie's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Becker.. the very first time I saw both the website and the food packages, I was blown away by the attention paid to detail and the professionalism. Goes without saying the quality of food is second to none. Every day, making my dog’s meal, I am drooling just as much as he is. He loves the food and licks every last bit of it from the bowl. What’s priceless is I don’t have to worry about nutrients, quality of meats/veggies etc. Guess ‘Peace of mind’ is one of the main ingredients pre-packaged. Ever since he started this meal, his poop has reduced drastically and gotten much softer.

Becker's Dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Pawfectlymade is the best thing that happened to my pet. I can't thank you enough. The joy I see in my pet when I serve your food, is the best experience.

Bagheera's Dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Their food is actually purrfectly made! I ordered a few meals for my dogs & both Hazel & Rasna gobbled up all the food! They both thoroughly enjoyed the different meals which all have various ingredients & the portion size is tailor made according to the dog. I would definitely suggest ordering from them for an unforgettable culinary experience for your loved ones!

hazel and rasna's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
I’ve had Laila for 7 years now. For the first tome I’m happy to give her the food I do today with pawfectly. Sometimes it disgusts me thinking back on what I was feeding my own child. This service needs to continue and grow to many people. With quality and price in check, this is a story of solving real pet parental issues.

Laila's Dad
Fresh Petfood reviews | Pawfectly Made Hey my treats are here 😍
Thank you @pawfectlymadeforpets

simba's parent gsdsimba3
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Love the quality and pricing of the food. Zuko looks forward to meal time and licks his bowl clean. He wasn’t this happy about food when I used to give him kibble. Would definitely recommend it!

Zuko & Coco's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
The different flavours were great!

Ruby and Ramona's mum
Gimme more !! #dogsofinstagram#doglovers#dogpose

mango's parent mango_the_aam_dog
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Pawfectly food is the best and most affordable one. I am a vegetarian and very difficult to cook at home for my dog cookie. They have a wide range of menu to choose. The labelling on their package is so neat and easy to use. I have experienced the best customer support and also a very quick delivery service from them. Thank you pawfectly and team!!

cookie's parent
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Snow who is sometimes picky about his food absolutely loves the meals. I would cook meals for him regularly but with work picking up it became a challenge to make sure he receives proper nutrition without turning to store-bought food. Appreciate the thought and effort that goes into making balanced wholesome meals for my pet as well as the different combinations. 5 stars from me!

Snow's Dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Utterly convenient service. Greatly appreciate the quality of the food being prepared and the subscription ensures that fresh food for the week arrives at my doorstep for my pup every week. Saves me from worrying about what chicken/mutton grain portions to prepare every couple of days by myself. Thanks for the service so far and hoping that the quality is maintained, and you can keep up the variety on offer. For some reason my dogs are nuts for the treats as well. It's a must try.

Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
I came across Pawfectly Made while researching for fresh pet food that doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket. As my dog has serious digestive issues including EPI and pancreatitis I was also on the look out for customizable options. The website is easy to navigate and sets the food quantity according to your pet’s weight and activity levels. I have been using Pawfectly Made meals for the past two months and can vouch for the quality and consistency through and through. Features I loved: - extremely easy on the pocket when compared to other fresh pet food businesses. - clear instructions on meal transition and delivery dates enable you to plan your routine in advance. - Multiple recipes with different proteins of lamb, chicken, fish and grain free, giving you a variety to choose from. - Multiple payment options on the website. - Polite delivery executive and minimal calling. - Food is human grade, pre-portioned and delivered every 7 days. - Beautiful and clear packaging showing you all the ingredients. Easy storage in the fridge till required, useful especially in vegetarian households. - Fresh food, which is always the best option, especially in comparison to kibble and processed foods with 0 nutritional value. - Meat quality is excellent, dogs and cats love it and it’s suitable for all ages since the meat is minced. - Since it’s done under the consultation of vets, the meals are well balanced. - Excellent customer care, immediate response on WhatsApp and they bend over backwards to facilitate your needs when possible. My dog loves his food and has moved from being severely malnourished to putting on layer after layer of muscle. His coat has gotten shinier and softer, he’s more alert and I’ve moved on from struggling to meal prep every 3 days and have the house stink of fish, to just opening the pack when it’s time. The team was kind enough to accommodate my requests and strive to get me what I needed even with the ongoing difficulty in meat supply, for which I’m indebted. It is clear that they work with passion for your pet and don’t compromise on anything just to make ends meet. It’s been a pleasant and comfortable experience so far leaving me with no complaints about any aspect. Started with the trial pack and now I’m on their monthly subscription plan. I no longer stress about the right nutrition of my dog since it’s taken care of by Pawfectly Made. You can blindly go for it!

robin's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
We have been feeding our 2 French bulldogs the food prepared by Pawfectly for the last few months and must say are totally satisfied and happy with the Meals. We like the fact that the Meals look and feel healthy, the option/variety while selecting the meals are good, the packaging is very good and the delivery happens on time as promised. I do also like the continuous customer engagement through emails which are more about awareness than promotional. My pets really look forward to their Meals with gusto and do finish them at a speed which would put usain bolt to shame😂

milo's & oscar's dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade

I’m so thankful I found Pawfectly Made pet food. Our 14-year-old pup has skin allergies that have gotten worse over the years & veterinarians cannot seem to find the cause. After reading about food allergies & how they can cause severe dermatitis, I started looking for a fresh food alternative to his dry dog kibble. I also switched the proteins & grains in his diet (from chicken to fish) hoping for some relief & it seems to be helping tremendously (in addition to Rx & medicated baths). Both my dogs love the food. Thank you for a wonderful, fresh product!

lucy and bosco's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade

I have finally found the right food for my dogs. My dog is very happy and his health is doing well. My dog was a picky eater and had also lost weight but now he is a happy eater. Now my second puppy has also started the same food and I am sure he is enjoying it too.

All the best Pawfectly made.

Thambi and bolt's mum
Cat's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Loved the story on the website. Food looked very healthy. Thank you!

Gutsu's mum
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Lola has always been a fussy eater. But she loves the chicken and lamb dishes made by you guys. Is wonderful to see her completely finish her bowl of food and then jump around like a nut!

Lola's dad
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
Smurf loves the food. The food is neatly packed and does not smell at all. Other wet foods have a terrible smell.

Smurf's dad
- We've found Pawfectly to be very economical, great quality and extremely convenient. - We've successfuly transitioned Pixie to a grain-free diet which seemed very overwhelming at first but Pawfectly was a great place for us to start as it eliminated a lot of my apprehensions. - If you find home cooking to be a bit of a hassle, or you don't like handling meat for whatever reason but still want your pet to eat better than kibble - this is a good option to start with.

pixie's parent pixie_the_rescue
Dog's testimonial | Pawfectlymade
All the flavours are excellent!

Alexa & Muscle's mum