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4 signs your pet is pregnant

it’s paw-sitive! 4 signs your pet is pregnant

March 24, 2023

has your furry friend been acting different lately? a lil’ bit broody, a lil’ more foodie? 

she may be eating for two. yup… your furbaby is probably expecting furbabies! 😍

it’s an emotional moment for any pawrent – their little girl starting a fur family of her own. she’s going to need so much love for the months to come. (more than usual, we mean.) πŸ’•

during the first few weeks of dog pregnancy, it can be difficult to tell if your furry is expecting. however, after about three weeks, you’ll slowly begin seeing certain dog pregnancy symptoms that will tell you that your family is going to expand! 

the average dog gestation period — the length of time that a female dog is pregnant, from the moment of conception until the puppies are born — is around 63 days, but it can vary between 58 and 68 days. the same time frame is applicable to cat pregnancy.

a veterinarian will be able to properly confirm pregnancy through palpation or ultrasound. and you should make sure to visit the doctor as soon as you suspect something — because false pregnancy in dogs is not uncommon. also known as pseudopregnancy, false pregnancy happens due to a hormonal imbalance that causes the dog to display signs of pregnancy, even though she is not actually pregnant.


to begin with, watch out for these signs to know what your pet is expecting:

  1. changes in appetite: a pregnant cat or dog may experience changes in their appetite, eating more or less than usual, or becoming fussier with food. dietary change is one of the most noticeable signs of pregnancy in dogs, and you’ll want to be very careful when adjusting food to your furry’s new tastes and needs. a customized, varied, nutritionally balanced diet will become important.

  2. physical changes: the nipples of a pregnant pet may become prominently enlarged and darker in color around three weeks after conception. a distended belly, weight gain, and increased sleeping are other symptoms of pregnancy. as you’re watching out for dog pregnancy symptoms, physical changes will be very prominent and some of the first tell-tale signs of dog pregnancy

  3. vomiting: like in humans, vomiting or sickness is also understood to be a sign of pet pregnancy, happening due to the hormonal changes in the cat's body during pregnancy. some dogs or cats may experience morning sickness and vomit occasionally, while others may experience more frequent vomiting. it's important to monitor your pregnant pet’s eating habits and weight, as excessive vomiting can lead to dehydration and weight loss.

    if your pet is experiencing frequent vomiting, it's important to consult with a veterinarian to ensure that she and her babies inside are healthy and to discuss any necessary treatment or dietary changes. it’s also possible to confuse this symptom for a generic digestive upset (as we said, false pregnancy in dogs is possible) so it’s definitely best to consult a vet to be sure!

  4. behavioral changes: pregnant pets may become more affectionate or territorial. though these may seem like two ends of a spectrum, both are extremely normal behaviors in a pregnant pet. you’ll find your pregnant dog or cat becoming more protective about you, as well as their own space, and may display signs of aggression towards strangers or other animals. don’t force your pet to socialize with any people they are not comfortable meeting. the aggression will hopefully wear out with the dog's pregnancy duration.

as the due date to deliver a litter approach, your pet may also start to exhibit nesting behaviors, such as seeking out quiet corners or a safe place to give birth. don’t panic if you see your pet showing signs of restlessness or anxiety, both of which are common near the due date. consult your vet and take advice for the next steps.  

the cat or dog pregnancy period lasts about two months (it may go over by a few days) and, you don’t need us to tell you this, but we hope you totally enjoy this time with your pet, spending time together and preparing for the special milestone to come.   

pet pregnancy can be a wonderful thing. πŸ’—

during this sensitive time, taking extra care of your pet’s diet will be super important. fresh food is always the healthiest way to go — especially for a to-be-mom with special dietary needs. the food should ideally contain high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and should be easily digestible. 

we, at pawfectly made, would be delighted to be a part of your pet’s special journey! our meals, customizable and pre-portioned to every pet’s needs, are well-balanced with all the super nutrition your furry needs to stay healthy. 

oh, and did we mention that we cook our meals with lots and lotssss of love that will take care of your furbaby — and her furbabies? :)

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