Giving one a home?

Essential must-knows before you adopt a dog

August 8, 2021

Do you hear a tiny voice inside you woofing your name? ‘Adopt, adopt, adopt,’ it seems to be whispering? Beckoning you towards pet parenthood? Let us tell you, it’s coming straight from the heart. And, well… is it really possible to ignore a sign like that?

That you want to adopt a dog off the streets or from a shelter to give them a permanent home is a testament to the big pet parent love you would be capable of giving them.

There are some things to note before going ahead and adopting:

  1. While many people prefer buying a pet from a breeder, know that at shelters, there are hundreds of abandoned pets - of various ages, breeds and sizes - that are in search of a home where they have a loving family, good health and comfortable life. Why not cut a deal of mutual love and adopt a pooch from the shelter instead of buying one?
  2. Once you have made up your mind to adopt from a shelter, the next step is to find a pet that chooses you.
    Visit a shelter/adoption centre with your family and socialise with as many pets there as you can. Play, cuddle, communicate with them. And as they say, what’s meant for you will come to you! The dog you will take home will come pottering towards you and you’ll just know. We know it happens ‘cos we have seen it happen so many times over!
  3. Adopting a pet over purchasing one comes with nothing but plus points. (Of course, there are adoption formalities you will have to fulfil before you attain parent status, but beyond that it’s all smooth-sailing and how!)

First, you’re giving a piece of your heart to a tiny being that was seeking love. Second, abandoned puppers can be more attached so that means double the return on love for you. Third, by adopting, you’ll have made the doggo world a little less lonely.

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essential must knows before you adopt a dog

Pet Dog Adoption: Here is the list of essential things to know before adopting a dog. Read more about pet dog adoption.