why choose pawfectly made?

February 26, 2023

when you hear ‘pet food’, what comes to mind?

burnt tasteless balls of kibble? random mush of leftovers?

that’s not real food. more importantly, that’s not what your lovely furball deserves at all!

food tastes best when it’s fresh and real. it’s true for you AND also true for your pet.

if pawfectly made fresh food could talk… 


…it would tell you that the best life for your pet begins here – with food that’s fresh, real, and fun, and 500+ furry friends agree with us! 


…it would tell you how the meat we use is the best meat you’ll ever meet.

sourced from FSSAI-certified vendors, pawfectly made meat is 100% human-grade and halal cut. we use only premium tender cuts (no innards or discarded carcasses here!), which are lovingly cooked on the bone, then carefully deboned by hand.

…it would tell you how the other ingredients we add are better than what most humans eat.

pawfectly made uses only the choicest of premium, farm-fresh veggies like zucchini, broccoli, sweet potatoes, spinach, pumpkin, carrots, beans, and fruits like apples and bananas, sourced fresh every day.

plus brown rice and kidney beans — only grains and pulses in pawfectly made meals to ensure your pet gets only the best. 


…it would tell you that the choices for your pet are more than plenty.

with 11 pawfectly made recipes for adult dogs and cats, and 4 puppy food recipes, there are chicken, lamb, and fish combinations to choose from. each pawfectly made recipe guarantees 100% balanced nutrition!


…it would tell you that kibble just cannot compare.

some stomach-turning facts about kibble: it is made from feed-grade meat (which means it has innards, diseased carcasses, skin, hair, horns, teeth, hoofs, feathers, etc.) and uses corn as a binder. this goop is then dried under really high temperatures, making it lose whatever little nutrition it had. so… is kibble healthy? if you wouldn’t feed your human child dry, processed food, why put your four-legged child through it every day? 


…it would tell you that it is cheaper and much more convenient than cooking at home

with expertly pre-portioned pet meals delivered right to your doorstep, pawfectly made saves you the trouble (and higher cost) of manually putting together nourishing mealtimes. moreover, pawfectly made customizable pet meals give attention to every pet’s individual nutrition needs. no more thinking up recipes, cooking, or even serving them. just pull out a pawfectly made pet meal pack from your refrigerator, and cut and serve. as simple as that! 


last, but not least, if our food could talk… it would tell you that with pawfectly made, you make the right choice for your pet – it doesn’t get any healthier, safer, more convenient, and more affordable than this

we serve food that pets love. the happy woofs and purrs and the bowls licked spotless at the end of every meal will tell you just as much!

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