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cat got your tongue?

Your cat’s trying to talk. Are you listening?

March 13, 2021

Can your cat talk?
That was a trick question! All cats can talk. Every sound your cat makes is them saying something. From purrs to growls to mewls. Now think back on all the times you heard <cat sounds around the house that you thought were meaningless. Yeaaaah. You realise now just how much your cat talks, don’t you?

So yes. Bottom line is, your cat is talking. The question is: are you listening?

Love has no language. But to love, you have to listen. As a pet parent, it then becomes key for you to listen to cat sounds and understand what your furbaby is trying to communicate and how they are feeling.

Here’s a guide to 7 things your feline is trying to say to you:

  1. MEOW
    This is regular kitty speak for conversing specifically with humans. Your cat may be asking for food or attention or just dropping by to say “hi, wasn’t work-from-home supposed to mean more time with me?”
  2. PURR
    Isn’t this just the best sound in the world? Purrs are happy cat sounds that indicate your pet is satisfied and feeling secure. Good job, you! (Side note, rarely, it may also mean your pet is nervous.)
  3. HISS
    Uh oh! It’s best to back away for a bit. A hissing, spitting or growling cat is angry about something and might be feeling threatened. It may strike. Distance yourself so nothing about you can aggravate them further.
  4. CHIRP
    This little feline is onto something. Chirps or trills mean a cat is excited and may be looking for attention. It is also how they communicate with their species, so chances are, it could be gossiping with a cat friend.
  5. YOWL
    Look out for your furbaby. A yowling cat might be in pain or worry or wanting to bring your attention to something. Although, it may also just be that your naughty little one is yowling ‘cos they’re bored.
    Very similar to chirping, chattering occurs when a cat is, bird or squirrel or prey watching and gets excited. The vibrating chatter in their teeth is a predatory instinct linked to hunting. No cause for worry!
    A caterwaul is a high-pitched sound a female feline makes when she is in heat and wants to mate. Male cats in the vicinity will usually respond with loud sounds of their own. Double check those closed doors and windows.
There you have it!

Now that you’re well on your way to becoming fluent in catspeak, keeping your pet happier will be easier. And how better to add to the fun than with some scrumptious Pawfectly Made food?

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