time to put a furrstop to this

Hair, hair everywhere!

November 14, 2021

pets come with a lot of fun and excitement and of course fur everywhere! as a pet parent, you are probably used to living with fur everywhere in your house. while it's impossible to stop the shedding altogether, it is possible to reduce it.

here are some methods which can help you reduce the shedding-

brush the coat
brushing helps evenly distribute essential oils on your floof’s coat which keeps the coat shiny and healthy. it is not necessary to brush your dog every day. a few times a week will do the trick.

get shedding tools
shedding tools help remove dead hair before they are all over the house. make sure to choose the right tool that suits your dog's fur.

keep your pupper hydrated
dehydrated skin can cause excess shedding in pets. make sure your furry friend drinks enough water.

bath time
bathing your dog regularly (once in 2-3 months is suggested) helps keep the coat clean and removes excess hair.

healthy diet
a well-balanced nutritious diet (especially fish) strengthens the hair follicles. this minimizes the shedding of fur.

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