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Easy-To-Follow Health Habits For Your Pet

Easy-To-Follow Health Habits For Your Pet

March 20, 2021

We know pet parents are ready to go miles for their furbaby’s health and happiness. From cute booties for their paws, to comfy beds they can curl up in, to regular vet and grooming visits, you do it all and then a lot more.

Between this, many pet parents tend to overlook that it’s the little, most simple health habits that are key for the overall well-being of their furries.

Bigger maintenance is important, no doubt. But the magic lies in tiny day-to-day things you can do that are the real secrets to great pet health.

When it comes to diet, we know your little one enjoys Pawfectly Made. How can they not? We put the best, most wholesome stuff in there. Fresh, healthy food is the key to a million answers regarding your pet’s body, mood, digestion and energy.

But often pets may overeat if they enjoy the food too much. Or sometimes you may pop an extra treat or two into their mouths. As a rule for good pet health, avoid overfeeding and prevent overeating. Resisting those puppy eyes or tail wags is impossible, we know. But say no, for their sake. Not sure how much to feed your pet? Turn to Pawfectly Made. Our < meal plans come pre-portioned as per vet-certified amounts and treats make for healthy snacking. Here are some other simple health habits to follow:

  1. Play time and fitness runs are a must-have on the daily schedule.
  2. Clean your pet’s teeth, either with a rinse or a chew toy twice a week.
  3. Mentally stimulate your pet with tricks, games, puzzles daily.
  4. Give your pet a change of scenery with a simple walk or drive.
  5. Keep an eye on their fur for any fleas or ticks or dry dirt.
  6. Check their bodies regularly for unusual lumps once a month.
For more such pet parenting tips, visit our Pawfect Petfacts corner where we address all that’s important to your pet’s life and therefore yours too. With woofs and purrs, Pawfectly Made

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