understand dog language

decoding doggie language 101

August 22, 2022

love knows no language. but it sure knows body language.

get ready to add dog whisperer as a skill on your résumé. ‘cos we’re about to give you a few simple tips to fluently speak dog!

1. rolling on back:

this is one relaxed dog, submissive to you at the moment. 100% deserves belly rubs!

2. crouching:

our furry friend is frightened or nervous. scan the environment for visible triggers.

3. yawning:

a universal sleepyhead superpower. in dogs, yawns also indicate stress or boredom.

4. tail tucking:

your doggo feels vulnerable… or guilty. better check for torn cushions or stolen shoes.

5. perked ears:

what.. where... who... ? a tyke with pricked ears is alert to surrounding sounds.

6. head tilting:

no better sign than a quizzical look to show that your dog is paying attention to you.

7. sploot:

a sploot is as comfy as it looks. how’s it possible to look this cute while cooling down?

8. let’s play:

tail wags & paw pats are invites for you to come to play. we guess work will just have to wait!

to keep your pet running fur-ever high on joy, give them pawfectly made. because what better way to say ‘i love you’ than by serving them the meals they deserve?

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