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top 8 dog rescues in bangalore

8 Dog Rescues in Bangalore | Pawfectly Made

December 19, 2022

dog rescues in Bangalore: top names in the city you can trust


here’s a comprehensive list of the most noted dog rescues in bangalore, which have, through years of consistent effort and experience, given thousands of stray, injured, unloved animals better lives. 


four-legged friends make our lives better by just being in them! while the furries in our homes have the good fortune of being surrounded by warmth, food and love, there are millions of stray dogs who roam the streets seeking these basic sustenance needs. 


living on the streets of Bangalore is no walk in the park — besides hunger and thirst, these stray animals are forever at risk of accidents, diseases, injuries, and other trauma. so who looks after them? 


there are several dog rescues in bangalore committed to the cause of making everyday easier for dogs and cats, by treating them with humane kindness and giving them the dignity they deserve. here are some of the most trusted names in the city:  


  1. KRUPA

    KRUPA has done immense work for our four-legged friends. the NGO’s mission is to assist animals in distress, working towards rehabilitation for homeless dogs and even taking charge of their medical treatments. they have an able street dog rescue team in Bangalore that you can put your faith in.

address: 16, 7 main road, stage I, kengeri satellite town, bengaluru - 560060
contact: 098805 63690
website: https://krupaanimalsbangalore.wordpress.com/  


  1. sarvoham

one of the most trusted dog rescues in Bangalore, sarvoham is working towards a world where human-animal compassion can thrive. they take in strays who are suffering or are abandoned without love and give them the home they deserve. 


address: no.127, 3rd cross, 1st main, Aishwarya layout, ray center road jambusavari dinne, 8th phase, j.p. nagar, Bengaluru - 560083

contact: 1800 102 8032

website: https://sarvoham.org/


  1. CUPA

it’s all in the name! compassion unlimited plus action — that’s CUPA for you! with over three decades of service towards animals who need the support of any kind, CUPA is a pioneering force in the area of stray care. they have a network of specialized centers in Bangalore that look after the varying needs of dogs across ages. 


address (trauma & rescue): KVAFSU, veterinary college campus, Bellary road, hebbal, Bengaluru - 560024

address (small animal specialty hospital): 11/3, Sri ram elite, rt nagar main road, hmt layout, Bengaluru - 560032

address (geriatric center): mylappanahalli, Bangalore - 560 097

contact: +91 9845425678

website: https://cupabangalore.org/ 


  1. VOSD

like a dog is a human’s best friend, VOSD is a dog’s best friend! voice of stray dogs, as the organization is called, gives a second chance to dogs suffering from trauma, injury, or lovelessness, by giving them a home where they can heal safely. they rescue dogs in Bangalore and hundreds of furries have better lives, thanks to VOSD looking out for them!

contact: info@vosd.in

website: https://vosd.in/ 


  1. charlie's (CARE)

CARE – charlies animal rescue centre – is committed to dog and cat care like no other. their primary motto is to ensure that no animal gets left behind and has an equal shot at a better life. from animal rescue to canine therapy, their range of services is wide and advanced, with expert stray care professionals looking after everything.

address: survey no. 124/1, mittaganahalli cross, kogilu, near reva college, yelahanka, bengaluru - 560064

contact: 090359 99372

website: https://charlies-care.com/ 


  1. karuna

one of the oldest institutions for stray animal care, karuna has been around for a century, committing their able and experienced services to generations of dogs and cats across Bangalore. they offer round-the-clock assistance to animals and will rush to attend to a furry in need even in the middle of the night. karuna has an elaborate network of facilities and resources for animals, that fulfill basic requirements for dogs, from vaccinations to birth control. easily one of the best dogs rescues in Bangalore!

address: veterinary college campus, near-bbmp help center, hebbal, bengaluru - 560024

contact: 080 2341 1181

website: https://karunaanimalwelfare.org/ 


  1. sarvodaya sevabhavi samstha

sarvodaya is making positive progress in animal care and rights through real grassroots-level efforts. their ABC program (for animal birth control) aims at the safe sterilization of strays in Bangalore, in correspondence with local administrations and organizations. with sarvodaya, animals are assured of being in safe hands!

address: government vet hospital campus, queen's road, bengaluru - 560051

contact: +91 98451 71495

website: http://www.sarvodayavets.org/home.html


  1. save animals india (SAI)

from looking after the dietary needs of strays to volunteering for the medical resources they need, SAI leaves no stone unturned in giving homeless dogs the compassion they deserve. they feed furries across the streets of Bangalore and show unconditional love and care to injured or differently abled dogs.

address: rajankunte chikka madurai road byatha, bengaluru - 560089

contact: 098865 35565

website: https://saveanimalsindiasai.com/


the furries of the world need and deserve our kindness every day! to do your bit, you can volunteer to rescue dogs in Bangalore in collaboration with these organizations. most of them even offer opportunities for people to donate resources or adopt an animal to give them a forever home. or even just spend some time with furry friends and share your love with them! :)

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