senior dogs care tips

make your senior dog’s life easier with these tips

February 16, 2023

there is no better friendship than the one a dog gives you. you are their whole world & life! 🌎💕 


for every day of their life that your furbaby gave you joy, it’s on you – their best friend – to return the love & make aging an easier, happier experience for them. 


here are some essential tips to give your senior furry a comfortable life! 🐾  


  1. spend loads & loads of time together. this is something both you & your furry friend will cherish & need, to make your final years together special. 


  1. don’t skip grooming sessions. your dog shouldn’t feel that their life no longer has a routine. groom them every day & slip in a massage session every now & then. find the best grooming solutions here.


  1. invest in assistive aids like raised food bowls, walk supporters, ramps, orthopedic beds & pillows that will make everyday life easier for your pooch. 


  1. old dog, new tricks. keep your furbaby mentally stimulated with physical activity, daily walks, training & games that will give them a sense of routine.  


  1. consult your vet regularly for health checkups to ensure that your pooch is ailment-free & has all the medical supplements they need. 


as your dog grows older, their diet will also have to be altered according to their age. 

till the time your floof is 10 years old, they can continue enjoying their favorite fresh pawfectly made meals — cooked with affection, portioned with care & delivered with love, always! ❤️

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