cookies for you, treats for your floof: a holiday guide

cookies for you, treats for your floof | Pawfect Pet Facts

December 5, 2021

the time is here for the air to be filled with the welcoming smells of holiday delicacies. and the snoot that’s always at work will definitely keep an eye for your plate!

and while you binge on eggnog or freshly baked cookies this season, you don’t need to keep your pup watching. some of the wonderful foods available this time of year are actually good to share with your dog!

1. pumpkin
your pooch will relish a kind serving of pumpkin while you binge on the real deal, the pumpkin pie! remember to keep the pie away from your furball due to its sugar and spice content.

2. oatmeal
craving something warm in the cool weather? cook up some oatmeal with your bestie for company! just remember to keep your pooch’s serving plain, or at most add some fresh berries for extra fiber.

3. sweet potatoes
baked or roasted sweet potatoes make for another dish you can relish with your pup. while you’re free to load your share with nuts and marshmallows, remember to keep your pup’s serving plain.

4. carrots
doggos love the extra crunch. roasted carrots, carrots poached in bone broth, or carrots with light honey or maple syrup glaze will make your doggo a one little happy fella!

while it’s a great idea to share a delightful meal with your little one during the holidays, do keep weight gain and excessive begging in mind.

and when you don’t have time to cook up a delight for your furbaby, we’ll be there to enhance the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ with freshly cooked meals from our kitchen. and at other times, we’ve got a variety of treats to choose from.
have a great holiday season!

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