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8 things you do that your dog hates

February 7, 2023

we love every single thing our pets do! ❤️

here’s a secret: the reverse isn’t true. 

wait – don’t get us wrong!

your pet loves you very much… the most, in the whole world. but being dogs, there are certain actions they naturally dislike.

for instance, the behaviors we use to express love may not come across to them as affection at all. did you know: dogs actually dislike humans hugging them?

don’t worry — it’s not personal. when you throw your arms around your pet and squeeze, they may feel you are trapping them and will, in all likelihood, try to free yourself from their grasp. who doesn’t like to hug dogs? unfortunately, dogs don’t like it back as much.

think of your dog as a human child. you can only care for them and raise them well, but for some things, you have to trust they can figure it out on their own. like making new friends, for example.

neither children nor dogs like it when you forge a new friendship on their behalf. your furbaby is more than capable of using its own doggie social skills to make friends.

in raising a pet, there is much learning and unlearning that we, as responsible pet parents, have to do. when it comes to good parenting, there is a lot we can follow our instinct on. at the same time, dogs, being creatures of habit and order, appreciate a certain way of things being done.

over the years, experts and pet specialists have been able to identify several better ways of communication with our furry friends — from the best practices on how to play with a dog to the most gentle way of eye contact with dogs.

your furball isn’t exactly thrilled about these 8 things you do.
(so maybe don’t do them? *activate puppy eyes*)

  • HUGS! we know this one’s hard to digest, but the thing is… most dogs don’t enjoy being hugged since they could feel trapped. know more here. next time, try not to hug dogs you meet — let them initiate the form of physical contact they are comfortable with. 

  • dress-up games. your dog doesn’t love when you dress them up in shoes & bows & dresses for the ‘gram. where’s the dislike button? trust us, there are wayyyy better games to play with dogs that both parties will enjoy. 
  • forced friendships. it’s not all fun and puppy games to throw your little furry into a playpen with a neighboring furry. like humans, dogs take many factors into consideration — past experiences, body language, and scents — before making friends with other furries. so it’s best not to coerce friendships and let your furbaby find its own way. and anyway, have you ever seen a doggo that needs help making friends? 💕  
  • unnecessary staredowns. gazing at your dog is a sign of love. but be cautious: if you stare for too long, your dog may think you’re challenging them. eye contact with dogs is a tricky zone — when done right, it can really communicate a lot between the human and furry, but in the wrong context,  
  • head pats. contrary to popular belief, dogs could see it as a threat when you pat their heads. stroking their backs gently or even better, rubbing their bellies, will do the trick of establishing a connection much better than patting their heads.
  • inconsistent behavior. dogs are sticklers for discipline & routine. train them & reward certain actions, but be consistent with them. training comes in handy if you’re wondering how to play with a dog as well. teaching your dog everyday tricks won’t just keep them physically engaged, but mentally stimulated too.
  • strong fragrances. as you probably know, nothing escapes a dog’s sense of smell. our fur friends can pick up on even the slightest of smells — even the opening of a treat packet will alert your pet. but very heavy scents, especially in dog grooming products, are not a good idea. fragrances you think are heavenly could actually be irritating your dog’s sense of smell. find the correct pet grooming products. 
  • hurried walks. when it’s time for walkies, let your dog be the boss! don’t pull at the leash or rush them along. let them sniff, explore and play their little puppy games when outdoors. 🐾

when you have a pet, you have to be extremely careful about their needs. their life is in your hands — and as a pet parent, you have to make it worthwhile. be attentive to their behaviors, which can tell you a whole lot about what your pet is feeling, their personality, their desires, and what they actually want from you.

let us tell you what your pet actually, really, truly enjoys — meals that are fresh, healthy, and oh-so-delicious. meals that are pawfectly made! made from every pet’s favorite ingredients, every bite of our homely, tasty meals is so wholesome — every bite is like the warm, comforting hug your dog deserves.

get your pet started on the best fresh meals in town. that’s one thing your furry will definitely love you more for! 😍

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