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don’t nibble on that kibble!

August 9, 2022

so much of the affection you have for your furbaby is contained in what you put into their bowl during mealtime. nothing says ‘i woof you’ better than fresh food!

and yet, so many pets still munch on chemically-stuffed kibble in the name of nutrition.😔

we suspect one reason parents continue to feed their pets kibble is out of habit. these commercially produced dry foods are supposedly:

  • easily available
  • convenient to serve
  • low maintenance

hooman routines may be hard to break – but can we let this harmful kibble habit get to our precious furbabies? what if we told you that fresh pet food isn’t just healthier than kibble-quality meals, but also more affordable and convenient?

our 11 specialized fresh food recipes are made with only the best quality natural ingredients to give your cutie their ideal nutrition. say hello to a healthier life today!


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