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sharing is caring: human foods that pets can eat (safely)

August 3, 2023

whether it’s a piece of juicy chicken or a boring ol’ slice of stale bread — our forever-hungry, furry lil’ thieves lose no opportunity to sneak stuff off our plates whenever they can. πŸ˜‹


and as responsible pawrents, we chase them. trying to wrench whatever forbidden goodies they have between their snappy teeth. 


we all know that a lot of what goes on our plates can't go inside our pets’ tummies. 🚫 


check out our youtube playlist of things your dog can and cannot eat. 


today, we’re turning things around. 


let’s look at a few human foods YOU CAN SHARE with your pet. 

(we swear, your pet didn’t tell us to write this.) 


  1. carrots: healthy snack with a pawfect amount of crunch value. πŸ₯•
    can dogs eat carrots? For sure! carrots for puppies and dogs both are a super snack – rich in vitamins A & C, fiber, antioxidants, and minerals that boost health, improve eyesight, and keep digestion in check!  you can serve carrots raw or boiled; cut them into small bite-sized pieces before serving.  


  1. peanut butter: the only kind of butter to share with pets. πŸ₯œ
    it’s a yummy, snout-smackin’ snack your pet will definitely enjoy and benefit from. when served in moderation, peanut butter can be a tasty, healthy treat that gives your furry a power-packed punch of nutrition. peanut butter contains healthy fats, protein, niacin, magnesium, and vitamin B but remember to get a variety that doesn’t contain sugar or xylitol.
    meanwhile, can dogs eat peanuts? While it doesn’t really add too much nutritional value to your dog’s diet, peanuts are safe for dogs to eat — but only the dry, roasted, unflavored kind. plain peanuts all the way! 


  1. green beans: everyone needs veggies on their plate. πŸ₯—
    good news – beans are as beneficial to our pets as they are to us and dogs can eat beans! Most kinds of beans – the green variety or kidney beans, to name the most common ones – pack a nutritious punch for your dog. these beans contain high fiber and protein content and are a wholesome, nutritious treat to add to meals. πŸ’š a word of caution: don’t feed your dog beans with any kind of seasoning or anything that’s raw or straight out of a can.


  1. tomatoes: not a daily snack – especially not with the current prices! πŸ…
    it’s important for humans to include tomatoes in our diets — not so important for our pets. this red, juicy vegetable is loaded with healthy antioxidants. but can dogs eat tomatoes safely? yes, tomatoes are safe, though not as nutritious for dogs. you can give your pet a tomato bite once in a while, but only the red, ripe flesh. never feed your dog tomato stems or leaves, since they contain solanine, a chemical that’s toxic for pets. 


  1. watermelon: the pawfect summer treat for everyone. πŸ‰
    is watermelon good for dogs? this red, fruity summer snack is loaded with fiber, potassium, and vitamin C, and is an awesome low-fruit treat to give your doggo. be careful not to feed the rind or seeds of watermelon since they are toxic to pets. so if you’ve ever wondered: can dogs eat watermelon, we hope you got an answer (which, by the way, your pet will love). 

    is watermelon good for dogs? watch this video to know more. 


  1. oatmeal: serve plain and cooked in water. no flavors! πŸ›
    oats are a great source of fiber and other vitamins that will keep your furry’s overall health in check – from giving them great skin and fur to improving digestion. don’t share your bowl of flavored oatmeal with your pet though — serve only whole wheat oats, cooked well and bland. never give your dog raw oats! 


  1. eggs: an egg a day keeps the cluckin’ woes away. πŸ₯š
    eggs are a protein superfood and should definitely be given to your pet — but only when prepared properly. (packed with protein, eggs for puppies and dogs both are 100% beneficial.) offers cooked eggs to your pet without any seasoning. and feeding raw eggs is off the table. raw eggs really don’t offer your pooch any extra nutrition; if anything, they put them at extra risk of infections like salmonella that come from eating raw or undercooked poultry items. 


  1. apple: if you don’t like ‘em, pass it on to your pet. 🍎
    that calls for a crunchy YES! As beneficial as they are for hoomans, apples also make for great natural snacks for doggos! rich in vital nutrients like fiber and vitamins A and C, this star fruit packs nourishment like no other. and given its low-fat, low-calorie makeup, you don’t have to worry about giving your pet a few extra pieces of this natural treat! dogs can eat apples safely. 


  1. cucumber: low-calorie snack, high-level crunch. πŸ₯’
    can dogs eat cucumbers? It’s a bit of a middle road. cucumbers are generally safe for dogs to eat in moderation as they are low in calories and high in vitamins. however, it's best to remove the seeds and peel them before feeding them to your dog, as these parts can be harder to digest for pets. introduce cucumbers slowly and observe how your dog reacts. if your pooch gives you the paw up, then cucumbers are a go! 


  1. broccoli: learn from pets how to eat your greens. πŸ₯¦
    these green goodies packed with nutrients are good for your pooch's health. it’s a superfood high in fiber, iron, potassium, vitamin K, vitamin C, and calcium. but do note that, like everything else, broccoli needs to be fed in careful moderation since too much could cause tummy trouble.

    can dogs eat broccoli? watch a video from pawfectly made here. 


❗remember: these are only occasional treats.❗ 


shared plates are a no-no for furries, who are better off with pet food prepared specially and safely for them. like we do at pawfectly made. :)

carefully portioned pet meals made with healthy human-grade ingredients are more premium and nutritious than what even many humans eat.  

prepared fresh with love, home delivered with care. 

pawfectly made for your pet, everyday! ❀️

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