how it works | Pawfectly Made
we customize all our portion sizes as per each pet’s individual needs, which is why we need you to give us some information about your pet/s before you order, so we can customize the portion size and recommend recipes for them. It’s 5 questions in all, but that is time well spent, so your furbaby can get meals customized just for them.
The process:
click on “create pet profile” and give us: a) your details, so we have them handy for you to log in next (we promise not to spam you when you share this information with us), and then tell us about your pet/s (1 for each pet you have). Once you fill out the details, don’t miss on reading all the information on the things to know page and then select read and you are immediately redirected to the pet profile page, where you can see your pet’s details, the grams of our fresh pet food your pet will require per day and the recipes we recommend for them.
next, click on “order now” and select a trial pack which gives you 3 packs of fresh pet food select any 3 recipes, and click the add to cart button. a side bar with your cart items will open up. Click on proceed to checkout or add a few of our yummilicious treats to your cart and then go to the cart and proceed for checkout.
at checkout, select your convenient delivery date and delivery slot, add your address and contact details. next choose if you want to divide your order into 2 by selecting divided packing, so it’s easier for you to cut and serve and not store an opened pack and then proceed to pay.
And you are done. your order will be delivered as per your selection of date and slot and you and your furbaby are going to fall in love with their meal times. Once you have transitioned with the trial pack, order a weekly pack with other recipes, so your ept can get a taste of all of them and then move to a monthly subscription, and watch your pet get healthier and happier.

How Pawfectly Made Works

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