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Sockington is a cat, who surprisingly, hates socks. But she pretty much hates everything else too. She's partial to fish and the VERY occasional behind-the-ear scratch. In her free time, of which there is a LOT, she does absolutely nothing. And writes letters to her neighbour, Eddie, a dog.

Eddie has ADHD. He finds it very difficult to concentrate on one thing for more than a few seconds. If Eddie were to pick a profession for himself, Eddie would be a clown. Eddie is a friendly pupper, but he never thought he'd be friends with a cat.

And yet, here they both are, writing letters to each other.
Read them all, and follow their spectacular, heartwarming, heartbreaking, nerve-wracking, ROFL-ing story about friendship, love, food and everything else in between.

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letter 1

Dear Eddie,

This is the first letter I'm writing to you, and I'm not even sure if it's going to reach you. But cats don't generally have a lot to do during the da...

letter 2

Dear Sockington,

Since you were honest in your letter, I'll be honest too. The first thing that I did with your letter was tear it up. But don't take that personally. ...

letter 3

Darling Eds,

I quite like Eds actually. Much better than Eddie. It’s short and sweet. Just like you. I’m not body shaming you or anything, but you must...

letter 4


You won't believe this. My human too, got me this new food yesterday. And unlike you, I will literally eat anything. You give me kibble, I'll eat it. ...

letter 5

Dear Ed,

What a riot you are. If we were living under the same room, you would have driven me up the wall. Why would you want to tear up cushions? And how does...

letter 6

Dear Socks,

I can't tell you how grateful I am that you chose to share such a personal story with me. I have shared this story on a doggos whatsapp group, so I ho...

letter 7

Dear Eddie,

I honestly thought we were getting along. I thought we could have become friends. But after your most recent letter, I've begun to question a lot of t...

letter 8

Hi Sockington,

I'd be more than happy to attend your trial class. And what's more, (because I'm such a great friend of yours), I've also spoken to my doggy friends, ...

letter 9

Oh my darling Eddie,

This is quite a predicament. And I know exactly where you’re coming from. A few years back, I went through a similar situation. My pet parent to...

letter 10

Dear socks,

Thank you for giving me a new perspective on the losing battle. It is true. What my human wants, she wants. Always gets too. So I think I am mentally ...

letter 11

Eddie, Eddie,

I did not see that little devil sitting on your shoulder, but now I do. Would you really be so unkind as to get a little “yappy” (I am pre...

letter 12

SOCky !!,

I am now a little scared of being your friend! What is this secret organization you are talking of? Is it legal? Or is it some voodoo cult?? 


letter 13


First, please stop calling me “Socky”.  I am not your “roll in the mud buddy”, nor that cute, cuddly rat toy that you tak...

letter 14


Hehe, I know you don’t like it, which is exactly why I will call you that! Think of it as a weird way of showing you my love and trying to get y...

letter 15


Fine, go ahead and call me what you want, but you do know it's a funny way of “showing love”. And while you bring that word up, isn’...

letter 16

Dearest Socks,

This is exciting! Let’s go on this adventure. How about this weekend, when both our parents are out in the evening, for their usual Saturday nig...

letter 17

Dear Eds,

Your enthusiasm is contagious! I have been smiling all morning (so UNLIKE a cat) after your letter. And yes, I will go on that walk with you on Saturd...

letter 18

Oh Eddie,

What a fun-filled adventure it was. Unexpectedly though! I never did think it would be this much fun. Maybe I had just forgotten how to have “ea...

letter 19

Sweet Socky,

I am jumping with joy that you had a good time! I must admit I wasn’t sure if this sort of thing would make you happy, but I am glad you had a l...

letter 20

Eddie dear,

Sorry about the long silence. I have been under the weather lately. Maybe I was not meant to be out having adventures with you. :( Or maybe it is this...

letter 21


Here I thought you had disappeared on me. And I am happy that you are all well now. Yes, those meals do make a big difference to us, don’t they?...

letter 22

Eddie dear,

If only asking came so easy to us cats. Especially one like me. Someday, I will tell you about why asking is not a thing I do. 

And since...

letter 23


Oh yes, I am a thorough romantic of course. Did you not see the heart on my paw. I was born to be romantic. And I did think I smelt something of a spa...

letter 24

Eddie, Eddie,

Yes,  Saturday it is. Meet you at the park, at 8 sharp. Did I just rhyme that? Anywho, patience dear Eds. I will tell you all, but slowly. At my ...

letter 25


Oh wow! 3 people and I get to be the fourth! I am thrilled!!! 

And who is in my inner circle? Here goes: Parent, you, Spike, Bushel, Anna...

letter 27

oh eddie,

I expected the evening to be a lot more fun. But, I think I would rather stay away from you when you are in your “lovelorn” moods (a first...

letter 26

Oh Socky,

Adventure part 2

What a playdate it was! Poodle (as I call her lovingly), her real name is Princess is so much fun to be with. She not only ta...

letter 28

Socky, socky,

Be very careful of that moonshine thing. While you may let go, and feel happy, the next day is going to feel like you got hit by a truck! That is why ...

letter 29


You are such a cliche. One pretty poodle and you are all googly-eyed. How much do you even know her? You have spent all of 1 day and a few park meetin...

letter 30

Socky dear,

What a playdate it was! Sigh.. I haven't been myself since. Poodle is sooo lovely, and smart, and elegant. I could just watch her all day. It was pret...

letter 31

Dear Eddie,

You are so in love. It’s disgusting yet sweet in a way. I just hope Poodle is worthy of your love and adoration. 

Yes, we missed yo...