With Love - Letter - 6 | Pawfectly Made

6 | July 12, 2020


Dear Socks,

I can't tell you how grateful I am that you chose to share such a personal story with me. I have shared this story on a doggos whatsapp group, so I hope you won't mind. You are now fondly known on the group chat as Eedyot. I did go for a walk today by the way. And I did see you too, sitting by the window looking contemplative. Do you always look like that, or was it just today? I wonder what you think about when you look like that. How can you look so disinterested with the world at large? And here I thought the Pawfectly Made meals would make you more jovial. Talking of Pawfectly Made, I must tell you about a little adventure I had in the morning today. So as you know, I've only been eating these wonderful meals from that day. Bye bye disgusting kibble. So I had an idea when I woke up in the morning today. I thought, how hard could it be, to make these meals for myself? And if I could, wouldn't I save my owner some money? And so, with a pure selfless heart, I scurried off to the kitchen to cook myself a meal. To be honest, Socks, it was a little more difficult than I imagined it to be. Because I had to first open the freezer, take out the meats. Then I spent about an hour trying to open the packets. By the time I was done, there was frozen meat lying all around the floor. Then I thought let me at least try and take out some pots and pans. And that didn't go as planned too. Wish I had human hands. Things would be so much easier. Anyway, three hours down, and the entire floor looked like it was hit by a tsunami. There was meat and pots and dishes and water all over. I realized there was little I could do at this point, so I just waited by the door waiting for my owner to return. She hasn't as yet. Which is why I'm taking the liberty of writing to you. Will update you about everything once she returns. Wish me luck.

Yours messingly,