With Love - Letter - 4 | Pawfectly Made

4 | July 1, 2020



You won't believe this. My human too, got me this new food yesterday. And unlike you, I will literally eat anything. You give me kibble, I'll eat it. You give me curd, I'll eat it. You give me a carboard box, I'll eat that too. But this thing that I had yesterday. Oh my Dog, Socks. It blew my little dog mind. It's the stuff my dreams have been made of. There was lamb, I thought I smelled some carrots in it as well, some potatoes.
It was absolutely pawfect.
So imagine that. That's a strange co-incidence no? Both you and me eating new food? I say we're off to a swimming start.
Food aside, Socks (even though I can talk about it the whole day), I have a little confession to make. The other day when my human was out, I accidentally tore a cushion. And by accidentally, I mean, I bit into it and shook it around in my mouth till all the cotton came flying out. But in about 20 minutes or so, I realized what I had done. And the consequences dawned upon me, and I had visions of a solid thrashing. So I hid the cushion under my human's bed, along with all the cotton. Now she's home and she can't find it. It's driving her crazy, I can see. She asked me where it was, as if dogs speak human language. And I just looked at her with my blank stare.
So now she's ordering another cushion. Humans, I tell you. So easy to manipulate.
I managed to take my human's phone for a bit yesterday so I could send you a picture of me that you could keep in one of your boxes and look at it from time to time. It's not a very flattering picture, because it's difficult to operate a phone without an opposable thumb. But my fur feels a lot better, and softer. Must be the food I'm eating.
Shall I see you today at 5:30? Eagerly waiting for your reply.

Yours pantingly,