With Love - Letter - 31 | Pawfectly Made

31 | April 15, 2021


Dear Eddie,

You are so in love. It’s disgusting yet sweet in a way. I just hope Poodle is worthy of your love and adoration. 

Yes, we missed you at the party, but it was fun. There was dancing and howling and hooting as well, since Owlie decided to take a swig of the moonshine and hooted to his heart's content after that!
Lonesome was there and we talked way into the night - we even talked about you and your lovelorn state. :P
It was an interesting discussion on love and how there are so many kinds of it. But we both also agreed that your type of love is not for either of us. Maybe because we are not as carefree as you are or brave enough to be vulnerable like you are. Again, I do hope Poodle is worth it. :)

Since that night and that discussion (add some bit of the moonshine effect), I haven’t been feeling like myself Eds. I don’t know what it is and my parent is worried as all I do is lie in corners and remain deep in thought. I stay silent and quiet all the time, go away for long walks on my own, alone with my thoughts. And the best thing is I am happy being in this quiet space.
Though when it's time for my Pawfectly Made meal, I am always up and ready (who wouldn't be!) so the parent is abstaining from taking me to the vet. But I wonder what it is too. This quiet mood which has come over me. 

Maybe we should meet. Who knows it may end my quiet mood. But i also fear you will ramble on about Poodle, and I dear Eds, am so tired of listening all about her, it’s making my ears ache. So if you promise to stay off the topic of Poodle, yes let’s meet. How about Saturday, 5 pm at mine for tea?

Yours quietly,