With Love - Letter - 30 | Pawfectly Made

30 | April 8, 2021


Socky dear,

What a playdate it was! Sigh.. I haven't been myself since. Poodle is sooo lovely, and smart, and elegant. I could just watch her all day. It was pretty much what I did. We played and ate - while I slobbered all over my pawfectly made meal, she daintily licked away at her food, taking the time. What a beautiful sight it was. Watching her relish every bite of the meal as I watched. She taught me a new yoga pose, where I stretch my neck backward all the way and nearly touch my head to my tail, it was so much fun. I have been doing this every day since. We spoke late into the night as our parents decided to get dinner together, and she told me about how she wanted to be the most flexible poodle ever and how she loved her grooming sessions and her little corner, with her bed and her toys and the eye mask and robe her parent has gotten her, which she enjoys wearing when she sleeps. Sigh… she is really something Socky. 

Anyway, over to you. Seems like you have found a “soulmate” in this lonesome. Have you? ;)

And i am sorry I skipped last night's party at the riverside. We were invited to Poodles for dinner (now that I think of it, there seems to be a lot of that happening between our parents, something to think about!) and of course, I couldn't get away. wj=hile I did ask Poodle if she wanted to snake=k away, but she is not happy about her paws getting muddy on the dew-drenched grass of the night. So we just stayed in, she talked and I listened and we did our yoga stretches. 

And I am going on about me again. Sorry. :P So how was the party? Did you guys have fun? Was there a lot of boom box and dancing and howling? Tell me all about it. 

And it’s been a  while since we met Socky dear. You think we can meet and chat sometime soon. I miss you.

yours eagerly,