With Love - Letter - 29 | Pawfectly Made

29 | March 2, 2021



You are such a cliche. One pretty poodle and you are all googly-eyed. How much do you even know her? You have spent all of 1 day and a few park meetings with her and you call it love. Pfft! Love is so much more than that Eds, I should know. Someday I will tell you about it, but definitely not when you are crushing on a Poodle like this. But you enjoy this exciting feeling and I hope your playdate over the weekend is fun. 


About Lonesome. There is something so serene yet confident about him. Like he doesn’t need the world. He came by to visit and I sneaked away a pack of my Pawfectly Made meal for him. Even though it was just a sniff for him (my pet food portion sizes are so tiny), the wag of his tail so excitedly was probably the only time i saw him have an “excited” reaction to anything or anyone. I am thinking maybe I should coax my parent to get him some too. He has started to come by regularly to laze around on our patio, and my parent doesn't mind.
And he is so wise and intelligent. We talk about things like the cosmos, technology, humans and their craziness, the other species on earth... Oh, the conversations are endless! And i enjoy them all. 

That is the connection. It is hard to find someone you can talk about everything under the sun, have meaningful and deep conversations, share lots of laughs and be comfortable just being yourself. 


So don’t go reading too much into it. I don’t have crushes as you do, and to me, love is a very serious emotion, but as i said, that conversation is for another time. 


You go ahead and be in “love” and I’ll hope to see you soon, of course after your playdate.

Tata for now,,