With Love - Letter - 28 | Pawfectly Made

28 | February 23, 2021


Socky, socky,

Be very careful of that moonshine thing. While you may let go, and feel happy, the next day is going to feel like you got hit by a truck! That is why I would have none of it. But well, who needs moonshine when you are already high on love. Sigh… Yes, Socky dear, I think it’s love. Do you think I  should tell her about it? 

All I can think of is her and when I will see her next. I think the parents are making a playdate plan for the weekend. I can’t wait!

I wonder if she feels the same excitement as me? 

And I do get that I am obsessed with talking about Poodle, but that is what happens when you are in love. Someday, you’ll understand.

Coming back to you and Lonesome. What is this “connection” you speak of? I have hardly ever managed to get 2 words out of him! But he seems like a nice one. 


And I promise to try and not keep on about Poodle when we meet next. I promise. Though I am saying “i will try”. :P

in love,