With Love - Letter - 27 | Pawfectly Made

27 | January 19, 2021


oh eddie,

I expected the evening to be a lot more fun. But, I think I would rather stay away from you when you are in your “lovelorn” moods (a first for me to see) because all you could talk about was your precious Poodles! After the first 10 minutes, it took all I had to not want to run back home, from your insistent jabbering on about her! I do get you are smitten, but to go on and on and on. 

Thank god for Spike and his boombox. At least that drowned you out for a bit. And meeting Lonesome. I adore him, you know! Lonesome and I seem to have had some connection. We did end up chatting a while (when you were going on to Spike and Owile about your new love), and I can’t tell you how much of me reflects in him. And that moonshine! Lonesome let me have a sip or two of it and it is the yummiest thing I have ever tasted. While it did make me see funny colors and go all wobbly on my paws, it felt really good. It also made me feel like I could let go and just be me and that is when the evening got to be more fun! I danced with Spike and Owlie hovered above. That was fun. I have no idea what more I shared with Lonesome and Owlie after that since Spike was still dancing away, but they were kind enough to get me home, while you lay under the stars all dreamy-eyed about your Poodle.

It took the whole Sunday for me to recover from the madness of Saturday evening, but I did have a good time. So thank you and no thank you both, since you were not part of the good time of that evening any way! 
I guess I had truly forgotten how to let go and have a good time, so I must thank the moonshine for showing me how to again. But, I think I’ll hold off having one more of these nights for a long while. They really do take a toll on me the next day. Must be an age thing. ;)

I hope you had a good playdate. Tell me all about it soon.

Yours tiredly,