With Love - Letter - 26 | Pawfectly Made

26 | January 21, 2021


Oh Socky,

Adventure part 2

What a playdate it was! Poodle (as I call her lovingly), her real name is Princess is so much fun to be with. She not only taught me yoga, (which I admit I am no good at, but I did give it a try). And you should see her do yoga. That pupper can really bend. Oh my, it was amazing seeing her stand on her head. I almost wanted to give her a lick, but held back! But besides the yoga, we did so many more fun things together. 

She thought I needed to detox my snout and face and had her parent make me wear this cold, wet sheet over my face. It was quite tasty I must say. I licked most of it. Did I feel my face and snout get a glow, I don’t know. But it was a fun thing to do. 

We ate some pawfectly meals which were delicious, they have some new seed recipes which I quite enjoyed. Poodle actually introduced them to me, her being all healthy, she knew about them. 

We then napped together (I did snuggle a bit, hehe), and then we played in her garden for a while, saw the sunset together sitting on her balcony and I wished the day would never end, I was having such a good time. But, my parent picked up and I made her promise to have Poodle over son to our palace for a playdate. Now I will have to think of some fun things to do with her when she comes over. Any ideas, Socky??

Oh, I am so excited about this. Think, Think! You can tell them all to me when we meet tomorrow. I can’t wait to have Poodle over. I must go now Socks and jot down some nice, fun ideas for things to do when Poodle is here (She loves it when I call her that btw). If you think of any cool things for us to do, jot them down and tell me tonight...