With Love - Letter - 25 | Pawfectly Made

25 | January 14, 2021



Oh wow! 3 people and I get to be the fourth! I am thrilled!!! 

And who is in my inner circle? Here goes: Parent, you, Spike, Bushel, Anna, Fishy, Mitts, Captain, Freddy, Ella, Stevie, Maggie, Neo, Becker, Groot, Lonesome, Meanie, and oh, not to forget Ratty. I think that is all, but I may be forgetting a few. 

And about my adventure - Sigh. I think I am in love Socky.

OK - Adventure part 1 (since it’s a long story)
The other day, I was out walking in our garden when I heard a rustle and my usual dog instinct led me to go running to the sound. And what do I see there - this beautiful little poodle (turns out she is a Bichon Frise) all wrapped around our fence. She didn’t seem like she was hurting, but did look uncomfortable. So I growled my usual deep growl and she looked up. One would have expected her to be alarmed, but she was cool as a cucumber. She gave me this bored “whaddya want” look and continued to (at least what I thought) struggle.  So, I asked if she needed my help, and Socky, would you believe what she said to me! She says to me “ Do I look like I need help you, Imbecile!”. Can you imagine that! Here I am trying to help and she calls me an Imbecile! 

So I say to her “Well, be stuck and struggle then.” And as I turn to walk away, she says “It’s called Yoga”. Now that I remembered is a word I had heard my parent use, when she stands upside down and I lick her face (since It’s so accessible) and I looked at Poodle (I have named her that for now) and then i looked closely and yep, did look like Poodle was doing one of those crazy obnoxious things parent does in the name of yoga. So I just nodded my head at her and said “yes, Yoga. That makes sense” and she says to me “ You should try it. You seem a bit stiff and uptight. May help you loosen up”, with a smirk on her face. 

And me being me, up for anything new all the time, I say “Sure. Someday soon. Maybe you can teach me” and She says “Nice. Will have my parent set up a playdate for us and I can teach you then”.  And I say “That would be nice.” - I mean who says no to a beautiful little yoga poodle?? 

And then the playdate happened. Sigh. All deets in the next letter as I want to sit and recreate the moment I laid eyes on her. 



In continuum,