With Love - Letter - 24 | Pawfectly Made

24 | December 10, 2020


Eddie, Eddie,

Yes,  Saturday it is. Meet you at the park, at 8 sharp. Did I just rhyme that? Anywho, patience dear Eds. I will tell you all, but slowly. At my pace and in my time. I am not going anywhere and neither are you. :) 

Who else is in my inner circle? Well, there is Rainbow. Call her my soul mate. We met at a very difficult time in our lives and have been best of friends since. If there is one person who knows everything about me, it’s her.  She is an angel Eds. And sadly there will never be a meeting of you both because she doesn’t meet anyone new anymore. She has her reasons and I respect them. 

Then there is Techno. I met this one on an assignment and Techno sort of wriggled their way into my life. Though sometimes I wonder how that happened. But, it did and well, inner circle it is.

And I guess there is one more, but we’ll leave that to discuss for when we meet. 

That is about it Eds. So you should definitely consider yourself lucky. And do you get this emotional (tears etc) all the time? Tch tch, you dogs, I tell you.
Though who is in your inner circle Eddie? Do you even have one? And this adventure. Why the suspense? Tell me all about it!

See you on Saturday.


Until then,