With Love - Letter - 23 | Pawfectly Made

23 | December 4, 2020



Oh yes, I am a thorough romantic of course. Did you not see the heart on my paw. I was born to be romantic. And I did think I smelt something of a spark between you and Owlie. But like you do point out, you are after all a cat. Not prone to emotional attachments. Sigh..

And how could you leave me behind and go on a prowl by yourself. I did think we were friends. But since you want to make up for it this Saturday, I will let it pass. And yes of course this Saturday would be wonderful to go on another adventure!! How exciting. 

Who is this associate, why don't you ask, and how much mystery there is to your past Socky? So many questions and this curiosity may just be the death of me! Can’t wait till you spill all on Saturday. And aww, I am in your “inner circle”. I teared up reading that Socky. Thank you and that makes me feel so special. But I must also know who else is in this circle?

And that little adventure. What can I say Socky. It’s turned into more than just an adventure. And I can't wait to tell you about it. 

Saturday it is. See you then.